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Dragon Ball NG Chapter 5: Okay, NOW the Adventure REALLY Begins.

Dragon Ball NG Chapter 5: Okay, NOW the Adventure REALLY Begins.

Gosu and Chitsu were strolling along in the newly-filled motorcycle, getting closer and closer to their destination. Little did they know, they were being followed by Kansho, the hero of the village that they robbed. Kansho had his eye on the radar. Since he tries to follow the law, he was driving at a normal speed, whereas Gosu and Chitsu were driving as fast as they possibly could, so it would take a while to catch them. But hey, they're gonna have to stop eventually, and all that matters is catching them and getting the money back, not beating them in a race.

While Chitsu was trying to drive, Gosu was bitching about being hungry again. Despite the fact that he just ate a ton of food, the son of a bitch was still hungry. Chitsu decided to ease her nerves and stopped.

"Hey, where're we going?" Gosu asked.

"You're hungry, so we'll go to the Pizza place to get some food." Chitsu said. Chitsu pressed a button to put the Motorcycle back into a capsule. Back in Kansho's car, all of a sudden the red dot disappeared.

"What the hell?" He asked, surprised. "The dot is just gone now…"

"Where do you think they could've gone?" Yakimo asked.

"They're probably using capsules." Kansho explained. "It looks like we're gonna have to wait."

There was something peculiar about Kansho's car. Hanging from his mirror was a fuzzy die and a…Dragon Ball? It had to be. It had six stars on it. Was Kansho aware that it was a Dragon Ball, or was it just a cool looking decoration to him?

Either way, what he didn't know was that he had a giant bull's eye on his back. And that he would inevitably encounter Gosu.

Back at the Pizza shop, Gosu was getting impatient. Naturally, he ordered a whole pie instead of a slice, which meant he would have to wait a very long time to get his Pizza.

"Goddammit, how long is this gonna fucking take?" Gosu said, not even caring about the fact that he was in a public place or that there were kids inside. Chitsu was tempted to yell out that she didn't know him. A waiter walked up to Gosu.

"Um, excuse me sir, I'm going to have to ask you to watch your language." He said.

"Fuck off." Gosu responded. He just had to get the last word.

"Please, I'm asking y-"

"Fuck, fuck, fuckity fuck. I don't see the big deal!" Gosu proclaimed.

"Gosu, stop being an idiot!" Chitsu said. She knew that Gosu's mouth was gonna get them in trouble eventually.

"We have kids in here!" The waiter said.

"Who gives a shit?" Now he was just swearing on purpose to have fun. "I bet half of these little fuckers hear these words at school every day! We all know the seven dirty words: shit, piss, fuck, cunt, cocksucker, motherfucker, and tits!" He had a mile-wide grin on his face. Several parents were either in shock, covering their kids ears, or leaving. The kids themselves were laughing. Chitsu couldn't believe what was happening.

"Sir, I'm going to have to ask you to leave."

"Fuck that! I came here to eat some pizza, and goddammit, I'm gonna eat me some fuckin' pizza!" Gosu proclaimed. He jumped over the counter, and at that exact second Chitsu ran out and threw the capsule out and prepped the motorcycle. She knew that Gosu was going to get himself in deep trouble. Gosu took out the security, the chef, and then stole about 10 boxes of pizza and escaped the store. He hopped on Chitsu's motorcycle and she took off.

"Gosh, I feel like your little accomplice!" She said. "You really need to learn some self control!"

"Heh, please!" Gosu retorted. "I do whatever the hell I want!" His mouth was stuffed with Pizza. Chitsu rolled her eyes.

"Since I'm sure they probably have the cops after us, I've got no choice but to drive even faster!" Chitsu said. She pressed harder on the gas pedal. They left nothing in their path.

Meanwhile, at Lord Teba's castle, Retasu had just returned with the purple Kool-Aid. He was still sickened that he of all people was tasked with retrieving it. He handed the carton to Teba and then he poured the powder into a big ass jug of water. Teba took a good chug at it.

"Ah…nothing is more refreshing than Kool-Aid." He said with a smile on his face. "Do you want some, Retasu?" Retasu shrugged. "Oh come on, stop acting like you're all grown up. You're still a teenager, after all." This made Retasu even angrier. He despised how Teba would constantly remind him of his old age as if it was something to look down at him for. After all, he was only 14, but he felt like he deserved a lot more respect than he got from Teba.

"Um, sire, don't you think we should be looking for the Dragon Balls right about now? Bobo asked.

"Now, Bobo, we can't go searching on an empty stomach." Teba said, still drinking the Kool-Aid. "C'mon, get a bite to eat!" Reina came out of the kitchen with a tray.

"Dinner's ready!" She laid down the food on the table. Both Bobo's and Teba's eyes lit up at the sight. They dug in and ate the food like their life depended on it. Although Retasu sometimes had an unusual appetite, he had learned to control his urges. He wasn't particularly hungry at the moment. All he could think of was the Dragon Balls. But there was something else bothering him, too. It was that kid. There was something about him. He seemed like he was a capable fighter. He was the first person not to back down from his challenge after all. And not only that, but he had a tail. Retasu found that especially peculiar. Even among his family, he was the only person with a tail. So naturally, he assumed he was the only person in the world with a tail. So how could that kid have one, too? It was all confusing to him. But he realized it wasn't important. Besides, he had cut his tail off a long time ago because it had become a bit of a nuisance. But still, it couldn't help but creep up in the back of his mind.

Bobo and Teba were still eating like pigs. That was about to change.

"Man, this food is so goo-" All of a sudden, Teba's stomach felt weird. At almost the exact same moment, Bobo also felt a weird pain in his stomach.

"I think I'm gonna be sick!" Teba said, wincing in pain. Bobo fell out of his chair and was kneeling on the floor. Yup, food poisoning.

"Oh my God, Reina, what did you put in this food?" Teba asked, using all of the strength he could possibly muster.

"All I did was just use some new spices, that's all!" Reina said nervously.

Teba and Bobo were both vomiting all over the floor. And violently, too. "Oh man, we're gonna have to postpone the search until tomorrow!" Lord Teba said, panting. He threw up again.

Unbelievable. Retasu thought. How long were they going to have to wait to get these damn balls? He still couldn't believe he was stuck with these incompetent nuts. I mean, come on, isn't there anyone else in the world searching for the Dragon Balls besides these guys?

"I've got to get the Dragon ball from that kid." Retasu said. "He was unusually defensive of the Dragon Ball – he must be searching for them, too!" He knew time was running out.

It was starting to get late, but Chitsu knew it was no time to fall asleep, although Gosu didn't quite agree. But rather than protest about wanting to stop to sleep, he fell on Chitsu's shoulder and slept instead. Chitsu actually smiled. At least he was quiet, now. Gosu was certainly the most unique person she had met in her life, whether it is for better or worse.

Kansho fell asleep in his car and had been sleeping for a while, now. He knew he had nothing to do after the red dot disappeared. His brother, Yakimo, was training. He saw all of the fame Kansho had in the village and wanted the same thing for himself. He knew that the only way to get to his level was by training.

At Lord Teba's castle, he and Bobo were still sick, so they decided to sleep through their virus. Retasu did what he does every night – train. He knew that if he wanted to get that specific Four-Star Ball, it would most likely come down to a fight. After all, if that kid had a tail, there must be other things about him, right? He wasn't hesitant to put up a fight against Retasu, so perhaps he had a little bit of fighting finesse. Retasu knew all too well that you have to always be prepared, because you never know when the next fight will come.

While Retasu was training, Lord Teba was sleeping…with a teddy bear…with a weird smile on his face.

"Dragon balls…Dragon balls…" He said in his sleep.

He was having a dream. In his dream, he was sitting on a throne with a crowd of people in front of him. So global conquest was his goal after all.

"People of earth, rejoice! I am your new leader, Lord Teba!" He declared. Everyone in the crowd bowed down to him and cheered. "However, world rule under me won't just be a walk in the park. That's why I will be assigning everyone in the world specific jobs. I have a list of everyone in the world and have determined which jobs are fit for each person."

The people in attendance were unhappy with this decision.

"Oh, no!"

"Oh, no!"

"Oh, no!"

"OH YEAH!" The Kool-Aid Man burst through the wall. Oh lord. Lord Teba's face lit up with glee. Lord Teba ran over to the Kool-Aid man like a fucking five year old and danced with him. This was just getting trippy.

"I'm here to be your personal assistant!" The Kool-Aid Man said. "I'm gonna be here to always provide you with some refreshing glasses of KOOL-AID!" Lord Teba was giddy. He was drooling in his sleep.

Retasu decided that it was time to get some rest. Hopefully, tomorrow, they would finally get around to searching for the Dragon Balls. Not only would he be closer to his goal, but he would also be prepared to fight that kid.

Speaking of that kid, he was still sleeping while Chitsu continued driving, fighting through her urge to sleep. She checked her GPS – they were getting closer and closer to Capsule Corp. She knew they would be there by the morning. Now comforted by this, she decided that it wouldn't hurt to get some rest. She stopped the motorcycle and restored it to capsule form. She pulled out a blanket, and realized that Gosu was still there sleeping. She couldn't just let Gosu sleep in the cold, so she decided to let Gosu share the blanket with her. I mean, he was sleeping, he couldn't try anything now, right? He looks so harmless when he's sleeping. Chitsu thought. He's not a bad kid…just misguided, I guess. Chitsu lay down and went to sleep. The hours went by…

It was now morning. Chitsu woke up and yawned loudly. She looked down and Gosu was gone. "Where'd he go?" Just then, Gosu zipped by.

"Where were you?" She asked.

"I was just doing my morning exercise." Gosu said. "I couldn't find any food, though. How close are we to Capsule Corp, anyway?"

"Not too far, now. It should only be about an hour and a half away, now." Chitsu said.

"Great!" Gosu said, excited.

Chitsu released the motorcycle from the Capsule. She and Gosu got on and took off.

Meanwhile, Kansho was awake now, too. He looked down and saw that red dot moving fast. "Oh, shit!" He yelled. He had forgotten about them! Yakimo was startled and woke up, too. "Crap, they're so far away from us, now! We've got to hurry!" Kansho stepped on the pedal, but the car wouldn't start – it was on the whole time!

"No, we're out of gas!" He said. Some luck. "Yakimo, can you go and fetch some gas?" He asked. "Here," he said, giving him some money. Yakimo took the money and ran, looking for the nearest gas station.

Lord Teba had also woken up. He was in a good mood thanks to that dream he had last night. He went into one of the technical rooms and pressed a button. Then, a loud, blaring horn went off, waking everyone else up. It had especially startled Bobo, who fell out of his bed. Retasu awoke, ready for what was ahead of him. As long as Teba's usual incompetence didn't screw something else, today should go very well for him. Lord Teba put his usual clothes on and took a good look at the radar. The four star ball was still moving rapidly, while there were still 6 other balls on the map, perfectly still. Lord Teba decided that his first target would be the six star Dragon ball – the one Kansho had! Bobo, Reina, and Retasu reported to Lord Teba's room.

"Today, we will go for the six-star ball first!" Teba announced.

"Don't forget to bring the radar with you!" Reina said.

"Of course." Lord Teba said. They left the room and the tower and went into the plane. Lord Teba pressed a few buttons, and they took off.

Chitsu was driving, and then, she finally saw a sign that said "Welcome to West City". They made it!

"We're here!" Chitsu yelled.

"It's about fucking time!" Gosu said in relief. Finally! Now the adventure really begins! They drove into the town and decided the first thing to do was get a bite to eat. They stopped at McDaniel's, a fast food restaurant. Chitsu knew it was best not let Gosu in the store.

"You wait here." Chitsu demanded.

"Oh c'mon!" Gosu complained.

"It's too risky to let you in." Chitsu said.

"I won't do anything this time!" Gosu said. Chitsu didn't trust him. She pulled a pair of handcuffs out of her pocket, grabbed his hand and cuffed him to a pole.

"Hey, what the hell is this for?" Gosu protested.

"Like I said, you're too risky." Chitsu explained. "You'll probably do something stupid out here, too, if you're left unchecked." Chitsu left.

"…Bitch." Gosu wasn't completely useless now, though. He decided to have fun by tripping pedestrians that walked by.

Meanwhile, Yakimo was still running toward the gas station when he saw a plane hover over him. The plane lowered in front of him, blocking his way.

"Who are these guys?" He asked. Out from the plane were Lord Teba, Reina, Bobo, and Retasu. Yakimo stepped back, ready to fight. He wasn't intimidated in the least.

"Look, kid, we don't want any trouble." Lord Teba said. "It's just that there's something we're looking for in this area and we want to know if you know where it is. It's a Dragon ball."

"Look, I don't know what any Dragon Ball is, so you need to get out of here!" he stuck his tongue out at him.

"Are you lying?" Lord Teba asked. "After all, a liar has to swallow one thousand needles!"

"Look, pal, I don't know anything about any Dragon Balls, so get out of here!" Yakimo said.

"But that's impossible!" Lord Teba said. Oh God, he couldn't be this stupid, could he? Teba went to the radar. "Quick, Bobo, check the calibration on the radar!" Bobo examined the radar and pressed a few buttons.

"It seems to be working properly, sir." Bobo said.

"We're gonna have to look further, then." Teba deduced.

Yakimo was still mad that they interrupted him. He pulled a dart out of his pocket and, out of revenge, shot a dart at the tire. Lord Teba was in shock!

"What was that for, kid?" He asked.

"Up yours!" Yakimo said. He ran away. After all, he had gas to get.

Retasu just shook his head. What else could go wrong today?

Back in West City, Chitsu left McDaniel's with a ton of food in her bag. She unlocked Gosu's handcuffs.

"Now were you a good wittle boy while I was gone?" She said in a mocking, playful tone.

"Oh, shut up." Gosu said. They both sat down on the bench. Gosu ate a bunch of fries and burgers. Gosu was like an interesting study to Chitsu. He was so unusual. He wasn't bad, just misunderstood. After all, he didn't have anyone in his life for so long. "I've been meaning to ask you, what happened to your mother?"

This was a touchy subject for Gosu. He even put his food down.

"Look, if you don't want to talk about, I understand." Chitsu said.

"Don't worry." Gosu assured her, "I'm over it now. It happened when I was a kid. She caught some illness – I don't know where it came from or how she got it, but she did. The disease was rare, so the doctors needed a lot of money to perform an operation. Me and my mom didn't have a lot of money, so I started stealing to get the money for her. But it was so much. By the time I got enough money, it was too late. She died. This four star ball is my last memory of her. She gave it to me when I was four. We saw it in the ocean and she let me keep it."

Chitsu felt bad. This was the first time he ever opened up to her. "I'm sorry about your mom."

"It's no big deal now. But I'll never forget her…" Gosu said. "Well, this food isn't gonna eat itself!"

Chitsu smiled. Even when talking about touchy subjects, he was still carefree. Gosu chomped down on his food and threw in the street, not even caring that he was littering. He hopped on the motorcycle.

"Well? Let's go to Capsule Corp!" Chitsu excitedly got up and commandeered the motorcycle. She stepped on the gas pedal, and they were off! They zipped past other cars until they saw a huge, yellow, circular building.

"Here we are! Capsule Corporation!" Chitsu exclaimed. It was so huge. Gosu stared in amazement as he stepped off the motorcycle. Chitsu returned the bike to capsule form and walked up to the door, with Gosu following her. She rang the doorbell.

A blue haired girl walked up to the door and looked out of the side. She saw Gosu, and she recognized the hair style. They had to be friendly, in that case. The girl opened the door. "Welcome, to Capsule Corporation! I'm Bulma, first daughter of Capsule Corporation! (She's just named after the Bulma we all know and love. Calm down, fanboys.)"

"Hello, Bulma." Chitsu greeted.

"Hiya!" Gosu said.

"Hey, are you related to the Son family?" Bulma asked. "Only one family has people with hair like that!"

"Um, I guess so. I'm Son Gosu!"

"Wow, it's great to have a family friend visit here!" Bulma said. "Come on in."

How convenient was this? Capsule Corporation already knew most of Gosu's family!

"So, what are you here for?" Bulma asked.

"We're looking for the Dragon Balls." Gosu said. "And we can't find them unless we have the Dragon Radar, so we're here to ask for it."

"Sure, you can have it!" Bulma said. "I figured that would probably be the reason you're here. Oh, and I have a question – do you like to fight?"

"Hell yeah!" Gosu said. "I live for fighting!"

"Oh man, you should come visit after you get the Dragon Balls! My brother, Trunks, likes to fight, too. As a matter of fact, he's out training with one of your family members!" Bulma said.

Gosu's face lit up. "I knew the rest of my family loved fighting. To be honest, I've never met anyone else in my family."

"I also have another brother, but the less said about him, the better." Bulma said. "He ran away a long time ago, and who knows what kind of stuff he's up to now." Bulma walked over to a room and searched through the drawers. She looked hard, and found the radar!

"Is this what you're looking for?" Bulma held the radar up. Chitsu and Gosu were both giddy with excitement!

"Thank you so much!" Chitsu said.

"Yeah, thanks!" Gosu said. "I'll make sure to come visit here one of these days!" Gosu said as he left.

"Bye-bye!" Bulma yelled out. Gosu was more excited than ever. He felt like he had a new friend.

"Can you believe it?" Chitsu asked. "They know your family!"

"Yeah, I can't wait to come back here!" Gosu said. "I want to see how strong her brother is! And my cousins!"

Chitsu looked at the Dragon Radar. "Okay, the next Dragon Ball is reeeeaaaally far south. That's the closest one."

Gosu was way ahead of her. He was already on the motorcycle. "You sure are eager!" Chitsu said.

"You bet your ass I am! Let's go!" Chitsu hopped on and drove away.

And now the adventure begins. What will the search for the next Dragon Ball bring for our heroes? And will Lord Teba, Retasu and co. catch up on them? Find out on the next Dragon Ball NG!

Previous Episode - Dragon Ball NG Chapter 4: Bonnie & Clyde 2.0

Next Episode - Dragon Ball NG Chapter 6: This World Sure Does Have A Lot of Talking Animals, doesn't it?

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