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Dragon Ball NG Chapter 6: This World Sure Does Have A Lot of Talking Animals, doesn't it?

Dragon Ball NG Chapter 6: This World Sure Does Have A Lot of Talking Animals, doesn't it?

Now that Gosu and Chitsu had the Dragon Radar, it was time for the adventure to really begin. The radar indicated that the first Dragon Ball was located south, so Chitsu and Gosu headed over to there. They stopped at the gas station and bought a carton of gas so they could avoid having to make any stops.

"We have to be quick. That guy who tried to fight me before was after the Dragon Balls, so we have to be quick." Gosu said.

"Oh yeah, I know." Chitsu said. "But we have to think ahead. We don't want to run out of gas again because then he'll really gain on us."

Gosu kicked a vending machine and a can of soda fell out. Gosu popped the can open and took a long sip before tossing it in the trash and getting on the motorcycle. They took off.

Meanwhile, Kansho saw the red dot on his radar going further and further. "Damn, what's Yakimo doing? I'll never get to those two at this rate!"

Yakimo was running back from the gas station. Before he completed his trip, he stopped by to the now-stranded Lord Teba and pulled his eyelid out at him to taunt him for what happened earlier. Teba shook his fist at him. Yakimo ran off.

"Damn that kid, he was completely out of line!" Lord Teba said. "Bobo, you still have that pump?"

"Oh, yeah!" Bobo said. He went into the plane and pulled out the pump and stuck it in the tire. He started pushing up and down as fast as he can. The tire was expanding, making Teba's smile wider. However, he was pushing a little too hard, because now the tire was expanding past its normal size. Bobo was getting too pumped up (no pun intended) from doing this.

"Bobo, calm down!" Lord Teba yelled. But Bobo heard nothing. He kept pushing down until the tire exploded. Teba was beyond angry.

"YOU FREAKING IDIOT!" Teba yelled.

Bobo was giving an embarrassed smile and had his hand on the back of his head. "Uh, I got carried away."

Teba punched him in the head. "Look at what you did! Now we're gonna have to find a place that sells tires – and not just normal tires, AIRPLANE TIRES! I'm sure it will cost a ton. And I'm already in enough debt as it is!"

"Aren't you still in that financial peace class?" Reina asked.

"Yes, I am, but I'm still learning. The class is far from complete." Lord Teba answered.

"You're gonna have to stop spending money you don't have." Bobo said. "You get too carried away with those credit cards."

"Hey, I don't need a lecture on how to spend my money!" Lord Teba barked. "There are more important manners at hand. How are we going to get plane tires?"

"How about we stop standing around and talking and actually look for a place that sells them?" Retasu suggested.

"Y'know, every now and then you say something useful, even if you're still a smart ass about it." Lord Teba remarked. "Let's go!" Lord Teba walked away and Retasu, Reina, and Bobo followed.

Kansho was sitting in the car, tracking the direction of the motorcycle. He saw someone running, and as he came closer, he saw Yakimo, and he had a can of gas in his hand.

"Good, he's back." Kansho said, relieved. "What took you so long?" Yakimo asked.

"I ran into this weird group of guys." Yakimo replied. "They asked me about some weird thing called a Dragon Ball. They bothered me so I threw a dart at their tire."

"You shouldn't cause so many conflicts with people." Kansho said. "But what's a Dragon ball? Eh, it's not important." IT'S RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOU, YOU FUCKING IDI- oh, screw it, it's not like he can hear me. "We have to find those guys. We've already got a long way to get to them." He said as he stepped out of the car and filled it with gas. After he filled it up, he stepped back into the car. "Now, let's go." He said as he drove off.

Gosu and Chitsu were driving closer and closer to their destination. They started to see what appeared to be a village. "That must mean we're close." Chitsu said.

"If it's a hostile village I'm ready to fight!" Gosu said.

"Oh, calm down." Chitsu said. "You don't always have to fight."

"What kind of life is that? Fighting is the best!" Gosu replied.

"Whatever." Chitsu surrendered. Nothing was gonna change his opinion on fighting. Chitsu continued to drive, but then, a dear ran in front of the way.

"HOLY SHIT!" Gosu yelled. Chitsu swerved but still wound up hitting the deer. The window and the front of the car were smashed and then the bike spun into a tree. Gosu and Chitsu both fell to the ground hard. Their motorcycle was totaled. The deer was lying down on the side of the road.

"Damn." Gosu complained. "Stupid fucking deer – look what he did to our motorcycle."

"At least we're still alive. That thing came out of nowhere." Chitsu said. Then, she heard people. She figured that the crash would cause a bunch of commotion. However, she couldn't help but laugh at what emerged from the village. It was a group of anthropomorphic animals wearing army fatigues and holding weapons.

"What the hell is going on here?" Said the main guy. He was a bear.

"Arepo!"A rabbit yelled. He ran up to the deer and tried to tend to him. "Are you okay?" He wouldn't answer. He checked the deer's pulse. "Okay, he still alive. Thank goodness."

"You're gonna pay for attacking someone in our village!" The bear said."I, Calzone, will tear you apart!"

Gosu burst out laughing. "You've gotta be fuckin' kiddin' me! A bunch of cute little animals think they can beat me up? Please!"

Chitsu knew that the best option wasn't to act hostile. "Look, we mean no harm. We came here because something we're looking for happens to be in this location. We didn't think anybody would be here. Now, if you guys actually own this item, then we'd like to kindly ask for it."

Calzone, the bear, wasn't quite ready to believe them. "Oh really? And how are we supposed to trust you? For all we know you're here to raid us!"

"We would never do that!" Chitsu answered. "Look, we'll prove it – we'll help your friend out. It's the least we can do."

Gosu grabbed the deer and lifted him on his shoulder. "You guys have a doctor? I'll carry him there."

The villagers were mostly relieved. "Maybe these guys aren't so bad after all!" A few of them remarked. Gosu and Chitsu followed the villagers into the town. The pair were both dumbfounded. The population consisted entirely of animals.

"So all of the animals hang out here, huh?" Gosu asked.

"I guess so." Calzone said. "Most of our families have lived here for several generations." They looked around, and even though the people were certainly different, it looked like this was a regular town. "Here's the hospital." Calzone directed. They all walked in and a nurse walked up to them.

"What happened?" She asked.

"Don't worry, Croisante, he'll be okay." Calzone replied. Gosu handed the deer over to the nurse.

"We ran him over on accident. We'll pay for his bills if you want." Chitsu offered.

"Don't worry, it's okay." Calzone said. "You weren't here to attack us so we won't force that on you. Now, what are you here for, anyway?"

"We're looking for these things called Dragon Balls, see? She pointed at Gosu's four-star ball.

Calzone recognized it. "Oh, that? We have one of those, too, except ours has two stars on it instead of four."

"Perfect!" Gosu said.

"…but, I'm afraid we won't hand it over so easily. That ball has been in this village for 100 years now. It is the only thing protecting us from the Gurushimi monster! He's been after it for years and if we remove it from the temple, he'll be sure to go after it! And if you leave with it, he'll kill us because we'll be so useful to him" Calzone said.

"A monster?" Gosu asked.

"Yes. He's been terrorizing our village since before I was born. Ever since he first saw that ball, he's wanted it for himself and countlessly attacked us for it. The only way we could keep it away from him is if we locked it away."

"Heh, don't worry about that – I'll fight him for you." Gosu assured.

Chitsu knew as soon as she heard the word monster that Gosu was excited.

"But it's suicide! Nobody can defeat him! His fire can melt steel!" Calzone warned.

"I don't care." Gosu said. "No fire is gonna scare me!"

At this point, several villagers had gathered around him. Just the mere mention of Gurushimi caught most of their attention. One of the older villagers, a raccoon, emerged from the crowd. "Actually, given a few factors, he possibly could defeat him."

"How?" Calzone asked.

"He needs to put on the Lutetium metal armor." He said.

"The what?" Gosu asked. He was completely lost.

"Lutetium is, as far as I can tell, the hardest metal known to man." The old man said. "If he wore that armor, he could withstand Gurushimi's fire."

"But where is this armor?" Calzone asked.

"I believe I actually saw it in Panko's Thrift shop." He replied. "But we all know him – he probably has it at a ridiculously high price."

Just then, a white Labrador retriever with a big, black nose came out. "Hey, who's leg am I gonna have to hump to get a good deal around here?"

"There he is." Calzone pointed out. "That's Panko!" Panko turned around. The first thing he saw was Chitsu. He started drooling while his tail was wagging. He ran over to her and started…humping her leg. He didn't even care if she was gonna give him a good deal. Chitsu angrily kicked him off.

"Looks like Panko here is a perv!" Chitsu said. The rest of the villagers were embarrassed.

"Hey, it's not my problem that a hot piece of ass came all the way over here!" Panko said. "Not too many humans ever visit." He was even cruder than Gosu. "What do you need me for, anyway?"

"Do you have the Lutetium armor?' The old raccoon asked.

"Oh, you mean that metal contraption? Yeah, why?" Panko asked.

"Because I want to wear it so I can fight this monster!" Gosu said.

"Well you sure are the spirited one, palm-tree head." Panku said. "He'll probably crush you. I'd run if I were you."

"Please! I'm Son Gosu – I don't run from anything!"

"Besides, the armor will cost 10,000 zeni." Panko said.

Calzone was shocked. "Come on, do you always have to be so cheap? He's here to save us."

"Hey, I'll have you know that armor was hard to find! I had to dig through so many rocks to get it. And not only that, but that was back when I still had worms!" Panko snapped back.

"Oh, don't worry, I have lots of money!" Gosu was still loaded from the little village raid. Leave it to him to take more money than needed. Gosu pulled a bunch of money from his pocket, more than impressing the villages. Even Panko was shocked. He pulled out a pen.

"I'm gonna have to make sure these are real." He marked one of the dollars, and the ink remained brown. "Well, what do you know, it's real. Gimme a sec." Panko went into his store and came back with the armor. It was shiny and looked like something a knight would wear.

"Do I really have to wear that goofy shit?" Gosu asked. He really couldn't see himself wearing that. It looked completely ridiculous.

"It's the only way you'll withstand his flames!" Calzone warned.

Gosu had to suck it up. "Alright, alright, I'll wear the stupid thing." Gosu put it on, and he looked as dumb as feared.

"Oh look, it's Gosu The Great!" Chitsu joked.

"Oh, shut up." Gosu replied.

"Good, it fits." Panko said as he walked back in the store. "Now if you'll excuse me, I have a store to run."

"Okay, now where's the Dragon Ball?" Gosu asked.

"I'll show you." Calzone said. "Follow me!" Gosu and Calzone walked off.

"I hope Gosu's okay." Chitsu said. "Is that monster really that strong?"

"Yeah." One of the villagers said. "Nobody has ever tried fighting him for the past few decades. I hope your friend comes out in one piece.

"Thanks!" Chitsu said.

Meanwhile, Kansho was driving, and the red dot on the radar disappeared yet again.

"What are those guys doing? Do they make a career out of robbing villages or something?" Kansho complained. "I'm almost ready to give up!"

"Don't worry, we'll find those guys!" Yakimo offered his words of encouragement. "They probably just stopped; they won't be there for too long."

"I sure hope so…" Kansho said. They kept driving.

Back at the village, Calzone and Gosu walked over to a temple. "Here it is." Calzone said. "The Dragon Ball-thing is inside." Gosu walked in and a door was in front of him. It was split down the middle, so Gosu pushed the two blocks apart. He found a stand, and sitting on top of it, there it was – the two-star Dragon Ball. It was sealed up in a case. Gosu pressed the button on the case, and it made a loud noise that could be heard from outside.

"Oh, no, it's the siren!" One of the villagers said. "That's gonna let Gurushimi know!"

"Hey, why'd a siren go off?" Gosu asked.

"It's so that just in case Gurushimi tries to break in and steal it, we'll know." Calzone said. "The only problem is, he's gotten used to the sound, so he'll surely come here. We have to get out of here quickly, before he attacks the people!"

Gosu grabbed the two-star ball and he and Calzone ran outside. Gosu looked around, looking for any signal of this monster's appearance."I wonder where he is." Calzone said.

Gosu looked up and saw something flying towards them. "There he is!" Gosu pointed out.

"Whoa, how could you see that far?" Calzone asked in amazement. Sure enough, a hideous Dragon-like creature flew to the ground. Calzone and the rest of the villagers cowered in fear.

"Oh man, that thing is hideous!" Chitsu said, disgusted. She hid behind a tree.

Panko saw him from the window. "Oh crap. I knew I should've listened to those contractors and had an apocalypse shelter built."

Gosu was the only person not scared. I mean, he was certainly intimidated, but he stood his ground. I can take him, he thought.

"So I see you finally let the orb out!" The monster said in a deep, gravelly voice. "And you have a new victim out to try and fight me, how cute!"

"I'm not scared of you!" Gosu said. "Hell, the only thing scary about you is that mug of yours! Yuck!"

"WHAT? How dare you insult me!" Gurushimi was angry. "Do you have any idea who I am?"

"I dunno." Gosu taunted.

"You insolate brat! How about I show you!" Gurushimi lifted his foot up and tried to stomp on him, but Gosu moved out the way, jumped off of his arm and kicked him in the face, sending him to the ground!

"Whoa, I've never seen anyone do that to him!" Calzone said in awe. "This kid really is the real deal! The villagers were equally impressed.

Wow, Gosu really is a good fighter, Chitsu thought.

Whaddaya have to say now, punk?" Gosu taunted.

Gurushimi was holding his cheek. "I-I don't believe it! He's just a kid, he shouldn't be hurting me like this!" He couldn't understand how this little kid could inflict so much damage on him. It had to be luck. On that thought, he regained composure.

"It was a lucky shot, I had my guard down." He proclaimed. "You won't be so lucky this time."

Gosu was unphased. "Yeah, sure, that's what they all say." Gosu said nonchalantly. "Hit me with your best shot!"

Gurushimi jumped at him and threw a punch, but Gosu dodged and punched him in the stomach, hard. The monster doubled over, holding his stomach, and screamed in pain. The villagers were cheering now.

"DAMN YOU!" Gurushimi yelled. "I won't take this anymore, you're dead, kid!" Gurushimi lifted his fists up, and began to inhale.

"Oh no, this it!" Calzone said in fear. "I hope Gosu can survive!"

Gosu lowered his mask. He knew what was coming. Gurushimi shot a huge wave of fire from his mouth and it directly hit Gosu. Calzone and the rest of the villagers stood up and wanted to see if Gosu could withstand the fire. The temperature was scorching for Gosu. However, that old guy wasn't lying – the armor did work! I mean, he wasn't melting, so he had to be alive. But still he was under a metal suit getting blasted by fire. Needless to say, it was hot. Gurushimi ended his assault and stopped breathing fire.

"There, you're gone!" When the smoke cleared, it revealed that Gosu was still there!

"IT WORKED!" Calzone yelled. The rest of the villagers were yelling and cheering in celebration.

"Well whaddaya know, it worked." The old raccoon said. "I was just speaking from petty optimism when I suggested that he wear the armor. I didn't think it'd actually work, heheh."

"What? That's impossible! You should be fried by now!" Gurushimi was in both amazement and horror.

Gosu raised the hood of the armor and flipped him off. "Looks like your little fire didn't work. Well, looks like it's over for you, now!" Gosu jumped up at him and kicked him in the face. He punched him several times, and then kicked him in the air. He jumped up and kicked him in the stomach, and then punched him down to the ground. Gosu raised his thumb.

"Sorry I had to do that, but you can't attack these villagers like this." Gosu said. But he still wasn't done. The monster, struggle though he may, rose to his feet.

"Why, you…" He said. "I'm going to destroy you! You'll regret the day you messed with the GREAT GIRUSHIMI!" He powered up and breathed in even more heavily than he was before. He gathered all of the power in his body, and then spat out a massive fireball from his mouth that flew out in lightning speed. As soon as it hit the ground, it created a huge explosion. The heat released was incredible. When the smoke cleared, all that was left was a crater. Gosu was nowhere to be found.

"Ha! That's what you get!" Gurushimi flipped the bird to the crater. "I told you you'd regret messing with me."

All hope was lost. Calzone couldn't believe it. Despite how good of a fight Gosu put up, it still wasn't enough. Chitsu was in even greater horror.

"No, h-he can't be dead…" She said, almost crying.

"That kid tried, but oh well." Panko said, still inside the store.

"Now, just give me the orb, and nobody gets hurt!" Girushimi demanded. The villagers all stepped back, but then, a fox pointed at the sky.

"Hey, look!" He yelled. Everybody looked up at the sky. Gurushimi didn't even bother. They were probably just clinging to some feeble hope, he thought. But little did he know, Gosu was flying towards him from the sky! Chitsu and Calzone both lit up in glee and relief. Gosu did a cannonball and then delivered a hard dropkick to the back of Gurushimi's neck! Gosu jumped down to the ground and looked at Gurushimi. He was still standing, but he was gasping. Something weird was happening. He noticed his skin cracking. More and more cracks appeared in the monster's skin, until it burst into pieces, revealing a tiny gremlin-looking creature.

"Oh crap!" He said in a squeaky voice. The villagers were simultaneously dumbfounded and relieved. Was this tiny little guy the true identity of the monster that had been terrorizing them for years? Gosu couldn't help but laugh. He lifted the little thing up.

"Well, well, you're really just a little punk!" Gosu said. Gosu turned around. Now, say you're sorry to the villagers." The little thing hesitated, but he managed to squeak out an "I'm sorry."

"Okay, I'll show you mercy." Gosu said. But then he thought for a second. "No, just kidding!" Gosu threw him up in the air, sending him hundreds of miles away. The entire village gave him a round of applause. Calzone walked up to him and shook his hand.

"Thank you so much!" He said. "You saved our village!"

"No problem!" Gosu said as he took the armor off. "Here, something to remember me by."

"This will forever be a symbol of your courage." Calzone declared.

The raccoon walked up to Gosu. "Job well done, kid."

Calzone handed him the Dragon Ball. "Here, you more than deserve it!"

Gosu gladly accepted it. "Thank you!" Chitsu snatched it out of his hand.

"Wow, the two-star ball! Thank you so much, you guys!" She said.

"Oh man, he really did a number on this place." Gosu said, looking at the crater. "Tell you what, here," Gosu took some money out of his pocket, "use this to fix your village!"

"Wow, thank you!" Calzone took the money. "We'll never forget you!"

Just as Gosu and Chitsu were about to leave, Chitsu remembered – their motorcycle! "Crap, we need a car!"

Calzone remembered. "Hmm…that is a problem. Wait, I think Panko has one!"

Gosu walked up to the store and knocked on the door. Panko opened up. "What the hell d'you want now? You already defeated that monster, what could you possibly need now?"

"A car." Gosu said.

"A car? Please! My only car is my most prized possession. Only 10 of it exist in this world." He said.

Gosu knew exactly how to solve this predicament. He bent down and whispered, "Hey, tell you what, if you give me the car, I'll let you smell Chitsu's panties." Panko's face lit up. Chitsu could only imagine what he promised him.

"Shit, for that I want to come with you!" Panko said. "I've been wanting to leave this place for a while!"

"Sure, you can come." Gosu said. "We could use someone else to lighten this trip up!"

Chitsu wasn't quite on board. "You better not try anything got it?" Panko smiled mischievously. Now she had two perverts with her. Just great.

Panko went to the back and came out with the car. It was pretty spiffy. "Nice, ain't it?"

"Wow, awesome!" Gosu said. He hopped in the back seat. Chitsu sat in the driver's seat.

"Hey, this is my car!" Panko protested. "I should drive!"

Chitsu shrugged. "Considering what Gosu most likely offered you, I'm pretty sure this is a good cost for it."

Panko gave up. "Fine." He sat in the passenger seat. "You sure are feisty."

"You can say that again!" Gosu joked.

"Oh, shut up." Chitsu replied.

"Well, where's the closets Dragon ball?" Gosu asked. Chitsu looked at the radar. "Hmm…looks like the closest one is headed west. Let's go." They drove off while the villagers waved at them.

Meanwhile, Kansho was looking at the radar. The dot was still gone. "I give up. We'll never find them. Let's turn back."

Even Yakimo knew they had no chance of finding them. "I guess…" Kansho turned around and drove back towards the village.

Little did he know, the people he were looking for were coming to him. He had the Dragon Ball that Gosu and Chitsu were looking for. What's going to happen when their paths finally cross? Find out on the next Dragon Ball NG!

Previous Episode - Dragon Ball NG Chapter 5: Okay, NOW the Adventure REALLY Begins.

Next Episode - Dragon Ball NG Chapter 7: Gosu & Panko's Excellent Adventure

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