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Dragon Ball NG Chapter 1: The Adventure Begins

Note: I originally did this fic last year but became disinterested, but I've decided to restart it. I DON'T OWN DRAGON BALL

Dragon Ball NG Chapter 1: The Adventure Begins

Preface: This takes place 200 years after GT. Goku lives in other world and stays out of the living world.

It had been a peaceful day. The sun was shining, the birds were chirping, and it was all around enjoyable to be out. Oh what am I talking about, this is the Dragon Ball Universe, that's about to be thrown completely out the window. For you see, the local trouble maker had returned to the city, and he was hungry and had no money. And since he just doesn't give a damn, naturally, he's going to steal the food, because legally acquiring stuff is a concept lost on him. The kid had a very unusual appearance compared to the rest of the people in the city. He had crazy hair that made his face resemble a palm tree, and a tail. Oh, why am I beating around the bush – everybody reading this damn story already knows what Goku looks like. So yeah, he looks like him.

The boy with the tail jumped into the street and looked for a restaurant. He was a lot stronger and faster than the average human, which he always used to his advantage in his not-giving-a-damn-ness. Oh, and did I mention that his name is Son Gosu? I figured that must be important to this story. Gosu finally found a restaurant called "Buppy's" and decided to break in. His appearance stood out like a sore thumb, but he didn't really care. That really is a running theme with this kid, isn't it? Gosu zipped past the tables, stealthily jumping over the counter and sneaking into the kitchen. However, the kitchen was filled with chefs, so he had to figure out a way to sneak around without raising any sort of suspicion. He hid behind a counter, but a cook started to approach it. He quickly moved to the other side, and just then, he remembered something.

Fuck, his tail.

Oh, who was he kidding? They wouldn't notice it, right? …right? …RIGHT? No, just stay cool, he thought. But little did he know, his tail was sticking out clearly. Just then, the chef noticed something odd sticking out from the left edge of the counter. Yup, it was the damn tail. He walked up and lo and behold, there was a kid.

"Hey, how did you get in here?" he asked.


It was crunch time now. Gosu decided that the only way he was gonna get his food was by fighting. He jumped up and punched the cook in the face, almost immediately creating a frenzy. All of the other chefs went after him, and one by one, they fell. Gosu was throwing whatever offense he could throw, and the chaos of course spread throughout the restaurant. Gosu grabbed a sack out of his pocket and started stuffing whatever food he could find in it until he had enough to feed an elephant. Security guard and employees went into the kitchen, followed by the outraged manager. Gosu kicked a hole in the window and jumped out, leaving his mark on the restaurant. The angry manager jumped out of the window.


Gosu continued running and turned around to flip them off. "You can't catch me, bitch!" What a way with words. Gosu ran until he was miles away from the restaurant and completely lost them. He was in a wasteland with a single house in the middle of nowhere. He emptied the bag, revealing piles upon piles of food - ribs, pizza, pasta, whatever food you could think of. Gosu looked like a kid in a candy store. His eyes widened and his mouth was watering. He couldn't wait to devour all of this food. He dug in, and in superhuman time, finished it all. And yet, he wasn't even full. Quite the contrary – he was still hungry. Yes, Virginia, even after all that, he still needed food.

"Damn, I should've got more food." He said. Then he saw the house. "Hmm…maybe this guy has some food." Oh come on Gosu, don't just barge in the guy's house. I mean, if he's living in the middle of nowhere all by himself, he must dislike company. Ah, but let's not forget his running theme – he doesn't give a damn. Gosu opened the door, and then all of a sudden a foot burst up from the floor and kicked him in the nuts.

"OW, SHIT!" He screamed in pain. An old man was sitting in the middle of the floor with a goofy smile on his face. "Heheh, you really shouldn't have come here unannounced." He joked.

"What the fuck is wrong with you?" Gosu complained. "Who do you think you are?"

"My, my, that is some mouth." The old man joked. "You really need to learn to be less hostile."

Gosu had all he could taken all he could take at this point. Not even thinking about the fact that this was a frail old man, Gosu lifted him up by the collar. And yet, the old man was unfazed. In fact, he noticed something interesting around Gosu's neck. It was a necklace, and attached to it was an orange ball with four stars.

"Could it be?" The old man pondered. Gosu noticed his change in expression and decided to let go. The old man grabbed the ball and observed the item closely.

"Hey, hands off!" Gosu said, hastily.

"My word, it is!" The old man said. "A Dragon Ball!"

"What the hell is that?" Gosu asked. He caught his interest.

"According to legend, there are seven magic balls, and if you gather all seven, a dragon will appear and grant any two wishes. It can be anything that you desire." He explained.

"Anything?" Gosu was genuinely intrigued. He knew there was something special about that ball. Sometimes when he would go off stealing stuff, he would notice that the ball would glow. "You better not be bullshittin' me, gramps!" Gosu quickly ran out of the house.

"That boy really needs to stop being hasty." The old man observed.

Gosu thought about it. Anything he wanted. There was a world of possibilities! He could have all the food in the world. Eh, then again, stealing stuff was fun. He could get food whenever he wanted. Then he thought about it – his mom. His mom had died when he was 6 years old. She was all he had growing up, since his father left them when he was still a baby. Maybe if he got the Dragon Balls, he could wish her back to life! The thought of that motivated him to try as hard as possible to find the Dragon Balls.

"But shit, how am I gonna actually find them?" Gosu now hit a brick wall. He didn't think about that part. They could be anywhere in the world. And they're just little orange balls, so they wouldn't be out in the open either. In his confusion, he just began running endlessly, trying to think of an answer. He had to have been running for hours, because it was night time, now. He was exhausted now, until he found an enormous mansion. Hey, these guys are probably rich, they might be able to help me!, he thought. Gosu ran down the hill leading to the mansion and he walked to the side end of it. He found what appeared to be a ranch. There were horses and other animals everywhere. He knew he'd be in hella trouble if they found him, so he decided to hide in the bushes. I'll just wait until the morning… Gosu decided to go to sleep.

When he woke up in the morning, the horses were outside again. Just then, someone walked into the area. It was a girl wearing a black gown who looked to be about his age. She was the hottest girl he'd ever seen in his short life. Holy shit, she's hot! But no, Gosu had other stuff to worry about. The girl put all of the horses back inside. Gosu decided to get a good look at her without blowing his cover. But just then, a squirrel decided to start bothering him. Dammit, get out of here! He thought. He kicked it away, but this little shit was persistent. He climbed into Gosu's pants and bit his…I don't think I need elaborate any further than this. Needless to say, Gosu was in extreme pain. So much so that he jumped up from the bushes screaming, blowing his cover in the process. He dug his hand down his pants and pulled the squirrel out and threw the squirrel into the distance. He forgot about the girl. She was standing there, horrified. Then, she pulled a gun out and started shooting at him. Gosu managed to dodge most of the shots, but still.

"WHO ARE YOU?" she screamed. Then her parents ran out from the mansion.

"What is going on here!" her mother yelled. Their bodyguard quickly followed.

"Is there a problem?" he asked in an intimidating voice.

Gosu was impressed, but not intimidated. He had fought plenty of guys his size before. Gosu got into a fighting stance, ready to fight.

"Heh, cocky little shit. Apparently you need someone to show you your place." The bodyguard said.

"Fuck you! I know exactly where I am! I'll show you!" Gosu ran at him, but tripped over an acorn. That damn squirrel. Gosu tripped and fell on the back of his head, knocking him unconscious.

"What a fool." The body guard joked. The girl's father lifted Gosu up.

"Chitsu, I'll leave this kid in your room. Look after him and make sure he doesn't do anything funny. We'll figure this whole mess out." Her father said.

Back in her room, the girl, apparently named Chitsu, was sitting there bored looking after Gosu, who was lying in her bed. Her father walked in. "Man this kid is an interesting case." Just then, he noticed the orange ball attached to his necklace. He ripped it off and observed it.

"You don't have to take his stuff, dad!" Chitsu protested.

"Silence! I can make a lot of money off of this." Her father said as he went downstairs.

Chitsu shrugged as she looked down at Gosu. She never saw anyone with hair like his. But that wasn't the weirdest part – what was he doing with a tail? That immediately caught her eye. Out of curiosity, she grabbed it, and at that moment, Gosu was awoken and jumped up in pain.

"OW! WHY THE FUCK DID YOU GRAB MY TAIL?" But then he came to his senses. He saw the girl there and decided that this was the time to explain himself. "Well, this is awkward. I'm sorry for causing such a commotion."

"Hey, don't worry about it." Chitsu said. "I was just startled, that's all."

Gosu was relieved and angry at the same time. "Man, if only I hadn't slipped. I would've kicked that guy's ass!"

"Hey don't worry about it! My family can be jerks sometimes." She said. "Anyway, what are you doing here anyway?"

Gosu realized this was the time to explain himself. "Well, see, I'm looking for these things called Dragon Balls. I saw this place and figured you guys would help me."

"Dragon balls?" She asked.

"Yeah. They're these seven magic balls that when you collect them all, grant you any two wishes you desire! See, look, I have one righ-" Wait a damn minute. Gosu grabbed his necklace to point out the four star ball, when he realized it was gone. "WHERE IS IT? MY DRAGON BALL IS GONE!"

"Oh, my father took it." Chitsu explained. "I told him not to, but…" Gosu was hearing none of that. "I'm gonna kill him!" He said. He ran downstairs and Chitsu ran after him.

Her father was downstairs showing off the Dragon ball to a group of visitors. Just then, Gosu jumped at him and tackled him down. He started frantically punching in the face and snatched the Dragon Ball. He ran for the door, and it was then that he ran into the bodyguard.

"You again?" Gosu said.

"You have a lot of nerve. I'll tell you what - I challenge you to a fight. You have 10 minutes to get ready. If I win, we get the ball."

Gosu was unfazed. "Bring it on, bitch!" The bodyguard left. Chitsu walked up to Goku.

"Are you sure you wanna fight him?" She asked.

"Of course! I have something to prove. Besides, he's nothing, trust me!" Gosu declared.

10 minutes later, the scene was set. They were out on the field. Gosu was on one side, the body guard was on the other. Between them was Chitsu's father. Chitsu's father gave him some brass knuckles and armor.

"Wait a minute, that's not fair!" Gosu protested.

"My house, my rules." Her father proclaimed.

Well, this changed things. Gosu was now nervous. His chances were substantially reduced now. Reluctantly, he got into the stance, and just then, a motorcycle zipped by. "Hey monkey boy!" It was Chitsu. "Hop on!"

Chitsu's parents were outraged. "What are you doing?" Her father yelled.

Hey, Gosu just found himself a big break. "Screw this!" he yelled before flipping them off. Then he ran and hopped on Chitsu's motorcycle while continuing to flip them off in creative ways. They rode off leaving and never turning back.

"Wow, I never knew you had it in you, girl!" Gosu said.

"You caught my interest with the whole Dragon ball stuff. I decided to go with you to find them!"

The stage was set. Gosu got to go on an adventure with a hot girl? Who could ask for better? What will this new adventure bring to our new characters? Find out on the next Dragon Ball NG!

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