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Chapter 11: Gosu's Wish

Chapter 11: Gosu's Wish

The adventure was over. Chitsu and the rest of the gang finally found all seven Dragon balls. Sure, they got stolen at one point and Gosu nearly killed everyone, but still, it was a relief to have the Dragon balls again. Gosu was still lying on the ground, naked and unconscious. Chitsu used her vest to cover him up.

"Well, this was some night." She said.

"You said it." Kansho replied.

"I'm gonna sleep. We'll make the wish tomorrow." Chitsu decided. She couldn't be bothered to get the capsule out. She just fell asleep on the floor. Kansho, Panko, and Yakimo all decided to sleep in the car.

Finally, the sun arose. Chitsu was the first to wake up. She looked around just to make sure nothing strange happened. Gosu was still sleeping, and the Dragon balls were still there, glowing. Chitsu woke everyone up.

"Come on, it's time to make the wishes!" Chitsu said. Panko, Kansho, and Yakimo all woke up. Then, Gosu woke up. He looked all around him, and was dumbfounded by the sight.

"Oh man, what happened…" He said. "I don't remember anything. I just remember Retasu breaking my knee, and that was it. And yet now, all of a sudden my knee is perfectly fine." Gosu said. "And speaking of him, what happened?"

Chitsu and the others were confused. He wasn't even aware of what he did, even after Chitsu managed to gain his control.

"He's over there." Chitsu said, pointing at Retasu's corpse.

Gosu couldn't believe it. He was about to remember until he remembered that he didn't have any clothes. "Uh, guys, what happened to my clothes?"

"It's a long story." Kansho said. "Hey, Yakimo, do you have any spare clothes?" Yakimo went to the trunk of Kansho's car and found an outfit. "Here' see if this fits." He tossed the clothes over to Gosu. Gosu tried them on.

"Well, this is kinda goofy, but it'll do, at least until I get my old outfit remade." Gosu said. After that, he ran up to Retasu's body.

"How could this happen? Who did this to him?" He asked.

"He really doesn't know what happened?" Chitsu asked Kansho.

"I know, it's so bizarre." He replied.

Then, Gosu remembered the Dragon Balls. "Oh yeah, that's right – where are the Dragon Balls?"

"They're right here, silly!" Chitsu said.

Gosu ran over to them. Indeed, it was all seven Dragon Balls, gathered together. "Well whaddaya know? You managed to get ours back and steal the others from those three guys!"

"Yup, and since you're the one who started this journey, you should be the one who makes the wish!" Chitsu said.

Gosu stared at the Dragon balls. He had no idea what to do. "Well, do I just say my wishes or something?"

"No, you have to summon the Dragon." Chitsu said. "Just call it forth, it should be simple."

"Okay then." Gosu said. Then, he raised his hands over the Dragon Balls. "Come forth, Dragon, and grant me my wish!" The Dragon Balls were glowing bright yellow, and then the sky became dark. Then, a huge beam of light shot up from the Dragon Balls, eventually manifesting itself into the Eternal Dragon!

Panko was scared to death. "Oh my God! I-is that thing gonna eat us or something?"

Chitsu was intimidated as well. "Uh, I hope it's a nice Dragon!"

Kansho was more amazed than anything. "Man, that thing is huge."

Gosu shared similar sentiments. But he knew it was time for business.

"What have you summoned me for?" The Dragon said, in its deep, commanding voice.

"Oh God, he talks, too!" Panko said.

"I shall grant you any two wishes that you desire. What are they?" He asked.

Gosu gained the confidence to speak. "DRAGON! My mother died many years ago! I wish for you to bring her back to life!" Yes, the time had come. He would finally see his mother again! After so many years of living on his own, longing for her to somehow come back, she was here.

Or so he had thought. "That is impossible." The dragon said. "I cannot bring back someone who has been dead for over a year's time."

Gosu's stomach dropped. His hopes had been raised, only to be completely shot down. It had now dawned on him that any chances of ever seeing his mother again were gone. Chitsu couldn't help but feel sorry for him.

Gosu just stood there in shock. But then, he realized that perhaps it's for the best. Yes, indeed – this realization has actually helped him rather than hurt him – now he can come to grips with the fact that his mother is dead and won't be coming back. Potentially, some of the resentment he had harbored for so long may fade away.

"Look, Gosu…" Chitsu began.

Gosu turned around, flashing a huge grin. "It's no big deal! Maybe it just wasn't meant to be!" Chitsu was relieved to know that Gosu wasn't completely broken over this and was still his normal self.

"Do you have any more wishes?" The Dragon asked.

Gosu thought about it. There had to be something else he wanted. A lifetime's supply of food? Eh, that's what stealing's for. A nude clone of Chitsu? Nah, she'd probably be just as bitchy. Then, he looked over at Retasu. Even if Retasu was an asshole, he was a great fighter. He was the first true legitimate challenge he ever faced. He was the only person who he could safely say was his equal – hell' perhaps he was even better. Gosu couldn't deny it – he wanted another crack at him. He would get stronger, of course, and take him down. Gosu had made up his mind.

"Alright, I know what my wish will be!" Gosu yelled. "You see that Retasu guy over there? I want you to bring him back to life!"

Both Chitsu and Panko had to do a double take. Had he gone insane?

"Gosu, what the fuck are you doing?" Chitsu exclaimed. "This is the dirtbag that broke your knee!"

"Yeah, I know." Gosu said. "And that's what's exciting to me."

The Dragon spoke. "It shall be done." The Dragon's eyes glowed. It seemed like nothing happened, at first. "Your wish has been granted." Gosu turned to Retasu. Retasu's eyes started twitching and eventually opened. He was incredibly confused. How was he awake? He was sure he was killed by the kid when he turned into an ape. He looked up and saw that the sky was dark, and then looked even further to find a huge Dragon! Is this it? He thought, The Dragon? He looked over to see Gosu looking back at him smirking. He pieced two and two together. That kid wished him back to life. Retasu simply snarled, grabbed his overcoat that he saw lying on the floor, and ran off. Gosu knew he didn't need to hear any affirmation. Retasu was alive again, and this probably wasn't going to be the last time he'd see him.

"I don't get it. Why would you wish him back to life after him and his leader tried to steal the Dragon Balls from us?" Chitsu asked.

Kansho, however, understood the ways of a fighter. "He doesn't need to explain himself." He said. "He wants another chance at fighting him, am I right, Gosu?"

"Yup!" Gosu said. "I'm gonna train as hard as I can to kick his ass!"

"Well that's certainly idealistic." Panko said sarcastically.

"What is your second wish? Speak, now." The Dragon said.

Well, now they were stumped. Chitsu still never really decided on what she wanted. She initially wanted a dream mansion, but she would be all alone and bored anyway. Gosu once again pondered on the idea of food. But before anybody could take any further action, Panko blurted his wish out.


"It shall be done." Shenron's eyes glowed and then an extremely snazzy looking black sports car dropped from the sky.

"Seriously, you wasted the last wish on a car?" Chitsu asked.

"Your wish has been granted. Farewell." The Dragon disappeared and the Dragon Balls rose up into the air and scattered across the globe. The sky cleared up. Panko was too busy fawning over the car to care.

"What happened?" Gosu asked.

"I read that the Dragon balls scatter across the world after they're used and turn to stone for a year." Chitsu said.

"Really?" Gosu asked. "So I won't be able to find the four-star ball for a whole year? Damn…so what am I gonna do…"

"Wait, remember what I said about the World Martial Arts Tournament before?" Chitsu asked. "Well, a while ago I saw a commercial for it where they said that 100th Tournament was in 3 months. It'd be awesome if you entered it!"

"Oh yeah, that's right!" Gosu said. "I would kick ass in that tournament!"

"Oh, that's great!" Kansho said. "I've actually been training for the tournament."

"You're really gonna be entering, Kansho?" Gosu asked. "Can I train with you?"

"Sure, but I doubt I'd be able to keep up with you, Gosu." Kansho said.

"Don't worry about that. You are really strong. You'd make a great sparring partner!" Gosu said.

Kansho thought about it. "You know what? It's a deal!"

"But, um, I don't think the people in our village would be eager to welcome Gosu, remember?" Yakimo interjected.

"Oh yeah, that's right." Kansho said. "Oh, who cares, we'll just convince them that you're a good person."

"I can't wait to train with you." Gosu said.

"We're both going to make sure we're in top form for the Martial Arts Tournament." Kansho said.

"So…I guess this is goodbye?" Chitsu asked.

"Well, not goodbye, just see ya later!" Gosu said. "I'm sure we'll meet again."

"Tell you what, I'll be there to cheer you two on at the tournament!" She said.

"That's great!" Gosu said. "See ya in three months!" Gosu said as he stepped in Kansho's car.

"Bye, Gosu!" Chitsu yelled. Chitsu poked Panko to snap him out of it. "Hey, do you mind giving me a ride to West City? I need to return the Dragon Radar."

"Fine, as long as we don't get into any shit." Panko said. He opened the door and took the keys out. "Come in." He said. Chitsu followed, and they drove off.

Kansho and Yakimo stepped into their car, with Gosu in the passenger's seat, and they drove off as well. They had a lot to do. Now, it was time to train for the World Martial Arts Tournament. What lies ahead for Gosu and Kansho? Find out on the next Dragon Ball NG!

Previous Episode - Chapter 10: The Great Ape Attacks!

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