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Chapter 10: The Great Ape Attacks!

Chapter 10: The Great Ape Attacks!

The fight was about to begin. Gosu and Retasu both got into fighting stances.

"It is that guy from before!" Chitsu said. "Gosu was right. He must work for that Teba guy! Gosu, are you sure you want to do this?"

"I'm more than sure! I'll take him down!" Gosu said with his thumbs up.

"Yeah, Gosu, knock 'im out!" Panko yelled.

Retasu laughed. "You sure seem to be confident. I wouldn't underestimate me if I were you."

"I can say the same thing to you." Gosu said. The two of them stared each other down, waiting for one to make the first move. Gosu decided it was now or never, and ran at Retasu, he went for a punch, but then Retasu side-stepped and went for a kick, but Gosu blocked the kick and threw a punch, which Retasu blocked. He threw several punches at Gosu, all of them being dodged. Gosu managed to jump behind Retasu and went for a punch to the back, but Retasu managed to grab his fist and then slammed the back of his head into Gosu's face. Gosu stepped back, holding his nose. Then, Retasu jumped at him and punched him in the face, sending him into the wall.

Retasu smirked. "You've had enough yet?"

Gosu knew that this wasn't going to be easy. Even though Retasu was a challenge, that made it exciting. He hadn't been in a fight like this in a while. Gosu brushed the punches off and got to his feet. "You've got to be kidding! I'm just getting started!"

"Wow, both of them are good." Kansho said. "I wouldn't stand a chance against either of them."

Lord Teba, Reina, and Bobo were watching from another room.

"Yeah, go Retasu!" He said.

"So now you like him." Reina said.

"Now sure, Retasu might have an attitude problem, but there's no doubt that he gets the job done." Lord Teba replied. "The Dragon Balls are safe as long as he's guarding them."

"Time for me to break out an old trick." Gosu said to himself. He ran towards Retasu and yelled, "JANKEN!"

Gosu jumped in front of him and yelled "ROCK!" but instead poked him in the eyes. Then he yelled paper and indeed slapped him in the face. But then, he yelled "Scissors!" and punched him in the face! It was a direct hit that sent Retasu to the ground!

"He got him!" Chitsu said.

Retasu quickly got to his feet. "That was pretty clever for a childish trick."

"Whatever gets the job done." Gosu said. Gosu jumped up and went for a kick, but Retasu moved out the way and they started exchanging attacks. Some connected, some were ducked. Gosu managed to land a flurry of punches and attempted to finish it off with an elbow, but Retasu blocked it and elbowed him in the head. Then he kicked Gosu up in the air, jumped up, and struck him down to the ground. Retasu jumped down and tried to land on Gosu's face, but Gosu moved out the way, and while Retasu was trying to maintain his balance, Gosu kicked him straight into the control deck!

Lord Teba was worried now. He grabbed a microphone and spoke through the intercom. "Retasu, you've got to do better than that!" He yelled.

Retasu was surprised, but at the same time, he wasn't. He was right in that this kid wasn't going to be a pushover. Retasu slowly made it to his feet. "Alright, kid, no more playing around." Retasu crouched and gathered his energy. Then he raised his fist up, and it started to glow red. Then he got into a stance.

"FIST OF THE DEVIL!" He yelled. And then he disappeared! Gosu had no idea where Retasu went. He and his friends started looking around, trying to get a clue of where he might be. "SHOW YOURSELF!" Gosu yelled. Almost answering the call, Retasu appeared right in front of him and gave him a thunderous punch to the face, sending him into the door! Retasu laughed. Gosu was laying down on the ground with his back resting on the door, and he appeared to be unconscious.

"That was even easier than I thought!" Retasu taunted. "Nobody's ever gotten up from that attack."

The situation seemed to be hopeless. Chitsu ran up to Gosu and tried to check on him. She snapped her fingers, clapped, whatever she could do to wake him up.

"Gosu, please, you've got to get up!" She said. "C'mon!" She grabbed him and started shaking him. Then, she felt a hand grab hers. She looked down, and it was Gosu's! Gosu's eyes quickly opened. Gosu got up to his feet and had blood coming from his mouth. Retasu was in shock.

"But that's impossible!" He said. "Y-you should have been…!"

"I admit, that had my head spinning for a sec." Gosu said. "I'm still kinda dizzy from it."

Retasu chuckled. "I've got to hand it to you – you're pretty good. Even tougher than I thought. But you're not tough enough, you hear me?"

"Yeah, sure. But your fancy tricks won't work anymore!" Gosu ran up to Retasu and head-butted him. And then in almost an instant, he appeared behind him and kicked him in the back. Gosu tried to hit him on the way down, but Retasu ducked and tripped him. Gosu fell, but he sprung up from the ground, backflipped, and sprung off the wall, heading head first into Retasu's chest! Gosu raised the peace sign to taunt him. Retasu's chest was read now, but he managed to get up through the pain.

"D-damn you kid!" He said as he got up. Gosu wasn't letting up his assault, either. He ran up to Retasu and sent a series of punches and kicks his way. Retasu did his best to dodge the attacks, but that blow to the chest was making it difficult to breathe. Retasu stopped to catch his breath, leaving himself open. Gosu capitalize and chopped him in the side, and then punched him straight in the face. Gosu punched him in the face several times, and then finished the sequence by uppercutting him, punching him again, and then elbowing him in the face. Retasu now had a cut on his face, but managed to keep himself from falling from the floor. He was thoroughly angry at this point. How could he let this kid show him up like this? Retasu flashed him a deadly glare and charged at him while screaming. He struck Gosu with a blow to the chest and gave him an unrelenting assault, finishing it off with two swift kicks to the face. He kicked Gosu into the air and in breath taking speed, flew up to him and elbowed him in the stomach. Then he chopped Gosu in the neck to send him headfirst to the ground. Retasu jumped down to the floor with him and used that as his chance to catch his breath.

"Man, this fight is completely even!" Yakimo said. "I don't know who's going to win!"

Lord Teba, on the other hand, was panicking. "No, I can feel it – Retasu is slipping!"

"What do you think we should do?" Bobo asked.

Lord Teba thought about it. What should he use in a worst-case scenario? Then he remembered – the mechs! "Reina, Bobo, get the giant mechs ready, just in case!"

Retasu was panting and wiped sweat off his forehead. Gosu, staggering, made it to his face. "Man, you just won't give up. We're almost equal!" Gosu got into the fighting stance again. "But I'm not going to stop until I've taken you down!" Gosu ran at Retasu and went for another punch, but Retasu ducked. But he was too slow in getting back to his feet, and Gosu managed to catch him with a chop to the neck anyway. Then Gosu kneed him in the stomach and elbowed him in the head. Retasu was crutching his stomach and spat out blood. T-this can't be happening. He's just as strong as me, but he's somehow got more stamina. I'm going to burn myself out at this point! There's got to be something I can do! Retasu thought. Just as he looked up, Gosu was right in front of him. Retasu quickly stood up and went for a punch, but Gosu ducked and punched him in the stomach. Gosu went for a punch to the face but Retasu jumped out the way and kicked him in the face, sending him into a wall. Retasu stopped to breathe, and then ran at him and went for another punch, but Gosu moved out the way and Retasu hit the wall! He yelled in pain and quickly grabbed his hand. It was beet red, and his knuckles were bleeding. But he didn't let that faze him. Retasu still had the speed advantage, after all. Retasu zipped in front of Gosu and went for a kick, but Gosu grabbed his leg and slammed him into the ground! However, Retasu managed to kick his way out of Gosu's grip. Retasu stood up and held his hand, which was still stinging. Gosu elbowed him in the face, and then pushed Retasu into the wall. He was now cornered. Gosu went for a straight punch, but Retasu managed to duck. Now Gosu was the one grabbing his hand in pain. Retasu moved to the side and hit Gosu in the side of the head. Retasu charged at Gosu and went for a punch, but Gosu grabbed his hand. They were now in a struggle, as Gosu still had Retasu in his grip. Gosu decided to headbutt Gosu to get Retasu out of his grip.

Retasu now had a cut on his forehead. He couldn't let this fight go on any longer. He could feel the advantage gradually leaving him. He decided that he had to try his attack again – the Fist of the Devil. After all, Gosu appeared to be exhausted, too, so this time the move might knock him out. Gosu ran at him and went for another kick, but Retasu ducked and kicked him back. Then, he gathered his energy into his fist, giving it the red glow again. Gosu, know knowing what he was planning, prepared himself. Jumped in the air and disappeared. Gosu looked around, but this time he concentrated on his movement harder. After all, he was most likely moving very quickly, instead of disappearing altogether. He looked around, and focused as hard as he could. Then, he saw Retasu's body quickly flash by. Then he saw it again in another location. Then, he saw Retasu approach closer to him, so he held his arm up. Retasu appeared right in front of him and went for a punch, but Gosu blocked it. Retasu was amazed. Gosu's forearm was in pain, but he managed to absorb the blow.

Retasu tried force Gosu's arm down, but Gosu kept fighting out of it. He knew that if Retasu connected, it would be lights out. Gosu hadn't quite gotten a grasp of using energy, but he knew that if he wanted to win this struggle he would have to. Gosu closed his eyes and screamed as he tried as hard as he could to, first of all, gather the energy inside of him. Retasu could feel the power gathering in Gosu as well. But he didn't let that get in the way of his attack. He continued pushing out energy to try and overpower Gosu. Gosu continued struggling, trying to fully tap into the power within himself. He always had a habit of figuring techniques just from looking at them. He saw how Retasu gathered the energy within himself, so he knew he could do it too. Gosu concentrated as hard as he can, and then it happened – he felt all of the energy in his body surging within him. Retasu almost stepped back while Gosu began to focus the energy into his arm. With the newfound power, he forced his arm forward, pushing Retasu off him! Retasu was in sheer disbelief. Then, Gosu decided to give Retasu a taste of his own medicine. As exhausted as he was, he knew he could muster one last attack. With a red, sweaty face and almost bloodshot eyes, Gosu jumped into the air, appeared right in front of Retasu, and gave him a monstrous punch to the face! Retasu was knocked down to the floor, almost lifeless.

Kansho, Yakimo, Chitsu, and Panko were overcome with joy. "He did it!" Chitsu yelled.

"I always knew you could do it, kid!" Panko said.

Lord Teba was horrified. Was this really it? He was about ready to get into a mech of his own and go to the upper level.

However, Gosu wasn't as quick to celebrate and take any further action. His technique, while powerful, wasn't nearly as refined as the more experience Retasu. He was probably down more because of the shock rather than the strength of the attack. Gosu looked down at Retasu's body. Slowly, but surely, he it appeared that he was regaining his consciousness. His eyes twitched and then slowly opened back up. Retasu struggled to his feet.

He simply couldn't believe it. That kid had learned his technique, and to make matters worse, he almost defeated him with it. Gosu was damn near putting Retasu to shame in this fight, and he couldn't stand for it anymore. But he didn't have any other sort of technique that would work at this point. But he still thought hard. There had to be some way for him to bring this fight back in his favor. Retasu looked him down, and then realized that the key to winning was right in front of his face – Gosu's tail! If Gosu was anything like him, then that would mean that his tail was his weakness. Now it was time to exploit it.

Retasu knew exactly what to do. He stood straight, seemingly letting his guard down. "Coma at me! Hit me with your best shot!"

Gosu was confused. Why was he just leaving himself open like that? Had he given up? He had to have known that he was almost completely out of it after that punch. "Well, you asked for it! Here I come!" Gosu charged at him and went for a punch, and then Retasu jumped up in the air and landed behind him. Then, he grabbed Gosu's tail. Gosu froze as his face contorted in pain. "I've got you now!"

"What's he doing?" Kansho asked.

Gosu kneeled down to the ground, panting and staggering. Retasu tightened his grip around Gosu's tail. "G-goddammit, h-how did you know tha-that was my weak point?" Gosu asked weakly.

"You see, I myself use to have a tail!" Retasu revealed. "So I know all of its disadvantages! When someone would grab onto my tail, it left me in pain! You were stupid not to have cut your tail off or at least toughen it up!"

Chitsu was shocked. "You mean there are more people like Gosu?"

"Man, that's weird. A tail…" Kansho said.

"You might have gotten the best of me, but I'm the victor in the end!" Retasu bragged. Gosu was in severe pain. The tighter Retasu grabbed his tail, the more it hurt. He was powerless to do anything. His tail had been his weak point for as long as he could remember. Gosu tried to stand up, but the pain was too much. He was already getting light headed. If Retasu squeezed any harder, he would pass out from the pain. But he couldn't lose. He came too far to lose this fight and the Dragon Balls. Gosu tried as hard as he could to stay awake, even punching at the ground. Retasu laughed as he felt victory coming closer and closer to him. He decided to put Gosu out of his misery and kicked him down to the ground, letting go of his tail before he passed out..

"Time to finish you off!" He said. Retasu jumped up in the air and flipped. He jumped back down and then landed straight on Gosu's knee, crushing it! Gosu screamed out in pain.

"GOSU!" Chitsu yelled.

"You cheating bastard!" Kansho yelled.

Lord Teba was elated. "Good job, Retasu!" He said through the intercom. "I was smart in keeping you after all!"

Retasu laughed. "It's all over for you, now! I doubt that any of the rest of you could stand a chance against me, so just give up!"

Gosu couldn't believe it. It was all over. No more Dragon Balls, no more anything. All this adventure had given him was a broken leg. He was never going to see his mother again. Gosu felt like he had completely failed. His knee was in extreme pain. When Retasu jumped down on it, he felt his bones almost crush to pieces. All Gosu could do now was lay down and look out the window. It was night at this point. Gosu looked at the stars and then looked up further. The full moon was out. Gosu stared at it – it had been the first full moon for a while. Gosu continued looking at because let's face it – that was the only distraction from how horrible things had turned out. Retasu grabbed the Dragon balls and walked forward, stopping to taunt Gosu. But then, something happened. Gosu's eyes widened and he had a blank stare. His pupils turned pink and his body started shaking. Retasu and the others had taken notice to this.

"What's happening to Gosu?" Kansho asked. "Did you do something to him?"

Retasu had no idea what was happening. "Of course not, I'm as confused as you!"

Gosu's shirt burst open and his pants ripped as well. Gosu's body began expanding in size and was growing fur. His face began to morph and now he was growing fangs! Lord Teba had noticed what was happening on the video screen. As Gosu continued growing, he realized that he was probably goin g to destroy the entire castle at this point! Thinking quickly, he grabbed one of the mechs.

"LET'S GET THE HELL OUT OF HERE!" He yelled to Bobo and Reina. They flew through the wall and outside.

Meanwhile, Kansho and the others also realized what was happening. They all ran downstairs as fast as possible, eventually leaving the building.

"What the hell is happening to him?" Panko asked.

"I always thought he was strange!" Chitsu said in horror.

Retasu looked on in complete shock. Gosu grew to a bigger size and broke through the entire room. His increasing mass crushed the floor all the way to the ground and smashed through the room, smacking Retasu down all the way to the ground in the process. The tower was completely demolished. Gosu stopped growing, as he had completed his transformation into the Giant Ape!

Lord Teba almost shit himself. Even in the mech, he felt complete powerless. "We've got to get the Dragon Balls!"

Gosu stood up and he was completely out of control. In his Great Ape form, he had no reasoning at all. He started pounding on his chest and destroying whatever was in his path. He took out what was left of the tower while Lord Teba tried his best to avoid running into the ape. He saw the dragon balls and quickly tossed them into the mech suit. Then, he saw the ape turn his attention to him. Lord Teba screamed in horror and flew away. But who cares, Gosu was an ape! Gosu chased after Teba and smacked his mech down to the ground, and he fell into Bobo and Reina in the process, destroying their mechs in a small explosion.

Kansho, Chitsu, Panko, and Yakimo couldn't believe what was happening.

"Gosu's completely lost it!" Kansho said. "There's got to be a way to bring him back to normal!"

Kansho figured that the transformation had to be solely because of his tail. After all, Retasu once had a tail and he didn't transform either, so he knew that he had to get rid of his tail.

Retasu got to his feet and looked on at the ape in simultaneous awe and horror. He couldn't understand how Gosu transformed into this beast. Had he transformed into this back when he had a tail as well? If he did, he certainly wasn't aware of it. However, before he could gather his thoughts, the ape turned towards him. Retasu was horrified as Gosu ran towards him and raised his foot up. The ape let his foot down and Retasu grabbed it. He put all of his power into keeping his foot from coming down and smashing him. However, it was just too much. This ape's power was exponentially greater than his original self's. Retasu tried as hard as he could, but it wasn't enough. The ape's foot crushed him, killing him in the process. Retasu's body laid their lifeless. Kansho and the rest of them saw the whole thing.

"H-he actually killed him…" Yakimo said.

"That guy's gone completely mad!" Panko said.

Lord Teba felt all of his hopes and aspirations going away. The realization came that he very well might die tonight. Kansho tried to get the ape's attention.

"Gosu, it's us! You've got to be in there somewhere!" He yelled. Gosu let out a huge roar and chased after him. Kansho managed to run a circle around him and get behind him in the process. He grabbed onto Gosu's tail, but it was so huge that he was swung off of it. Kansho fell hard onto the ground. Now, the ape turned to Yakimo, Panko, and Chitsu. All panko could do was scream while Yakimo gave up. He knew that nothing would get through to him. Chitsu didn't give up, though.

"Come on, Gosu, snap out of it!" Chitsu yelled. "I know you're still there!" Gosu just roared and kicked more debris. Chitsu realized there was probably only one way to truly get Gosu under control.

I really don't want to do this, but it's the only way! She thought. Oh, Jesus. "HERE GOES NOTHING!" She yelled before lifting her shirt up and flashing Gosu! Panko, Yakimo, and Kansho stared in complete amazement while Chitsu held back her urge to kill them. Gosu continued destroying things, but then he stopped and saw the show Chitsu was putting on. He was staring blankly. Did it work? After all, the ape now appeared to be…drooling.

Chitsu's shirt was still raised up. "Okay, Gosu, if you're aware of who we are, raise your arm!" The ape raised his arm up.

"Perfect!" Chitsu said.

"I can't believe it." Kansho said. "Boobs really are mind control devices!"

Panko was too busy staring at Chitsu's chest to care about anything that was happening at the moment.

"This is both the best and worst day of my life." Panko said.

Kansho saw Lord Teba and the others staring in horror. He ran up to them.

"Give us all of the Dragon Balls!" He demanded.

"No, finders keepers!" Teba said, sticking his tongue out.

Kansho smirked. "I was hoping you would say that." He said. "Hey, Gosu!" The ape turned towards him. "It's the guys who stole the Dragon Balls! Get him!" Gosu roared and then ran at them. The trio screamed in horror as Bobo quickly threw a capsule to the ground, revealing a plane. They all jumped in and before even closing it, they flew off as fast as they could, leaving the Dragon balls behind. They were all glowing, ready to be activated.

"Okay, you can stop!" Kansho said. He stopped. "Okay, Gosu, I'm gonna need you to be a good boy and stay there. We're gonna try and bring you back to normal!" Kansho ran up to Yakimo.

"Hey, get your sword from the car!" He said. Yakimo ran to the car and dug through the trunk, and indeed, he found a sword. Kansho grabbed it and walked up to Gosu and more specifically, he walked up to his tail. Retasu lifted the sword up, and then taking a good swing, chopped the tail completely off! The Ape screamed loudly, and then slowly, he started to regress. He began shrinking as his fur started to leave his body as well. Eventually, Gosu shrunk back into his regular size, being completely back to normal. Gosu fell down to the ground, unconscious.

"Wow, at least it's over." Kansho said.

"Yeah, and something reeeeaaally good came out of it." Panko said while looking at Chitsu.

"Look, I did what I had to do." Chitsu said. "But that's nothing to worry about. I can't believe Gosu can turn into a giant ape. I knew there was something unusual about him."

"Well, at least he won't be transforming again, since we removed his tail." Kansho said.

"Well, hey, at least we got the Dragon Balls!" Chitsu said.

That's right – the Dragon Balls! Kansho remembered his plan. But, he couldn't do it now. Even though he was planning on stealing the balls from them, after all the stuff they went through in the last two days, he would feel horrible. They became his friends.

"I think we should wait until the little guy wakes up." Kansho said.

The adventure is finally complete – our heroes finally got all seven Dragon Balls! Don't miss the next Dragon Ball NG!

Yeah, I know, I updated two chapters within a day of each other. But today I had to work and writing this was the easiest way to kill time, and I have a bad habit of wanting to show off my work after I finish it. So there!

Previous Episode - Chapter 9: Circuses and Video Games

Next Episode - Chapter 11: Gosu's Wish

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