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Dragon Ball NG Chapter 8: Complete King Elefonto's Castle

Dragon Ball NG Chapter 8: Complete King Elefonto's Castle

Gosu, Chitsu, and Panko were in the house enjoyingthe shelter they were provided, while Kansho and Yakimo were stuck with a car for shelter. There was nothing fair about their predicament - they knew there was some way they had to get in the house. Not only would it be a relief over their current setting, but it would certainly get those guys riled up and angry for breaking into their house. Kansho creeped up to the window and looked through, seeing Gosu watching TV with a breadth of food laid out on the table. Panko was sitting in a corner smoking a cigarette while Chitsu was nowhere to be found.

In the house, Gosu was devouring all of the food on the table. Chitsu came out of her room to make sure everyone was in the clear. "Okay, I'm going to take a shower. The two of you perverts better not do anything funny!" She didn't realize that she made certain things more convenient now. Chitsu went in the bathroom. Panko put his cigarette in the ashtray and walked up to Gosu. He had a brilliant idea.

"Alright, now it's time for you to make good on your promise." Panko said,

"What?" Gosu asked.

"Remember? The girl's panties?" Panko reminded him.

"Oh yeah, that." Gosu said with a mischievous smile on his face. "There's probably some in her room" They walked in her room and looked around. The room was filled with posters and a bunch of other silly decorations. Gosu turned the light on and went in the drawer. Indeed, the top drawer was filled with panties –laced, white, black, blue, even thongs! Both of their faces lit up. Even though Gosu didn't have any requirements to look at them – who cares? They're there! They both grabbed whatever they could and got good whiffs of all them. They were in heaven. But they were so caught up in their little escapade that they didn't realize that Chitsu was standing at the doorway, giving them a melting glare. Gosu immediately noticed, although panko wasn't so lucky.

"Oh…shit." Gosu said. He tried to get Panko's attention, but he was in his own world. Gosu punched him in the back of the head, and when panko looked up, he was struck with fear.

"WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING?" She yelled with the fury of the devil himself.

Gosu was nervous. He quickly scrambled out an answer. "Um…this isn't what it looks like!" Yeah, good explanation, dumbass.

Chitsu pulled a shotgun and let off a relentless amount of shots at them. Gosu managed to dodge most of them but Panko got hit with a good amount of shots. They were both laying on the floor with smoke coming from them.

"Now, we're all going to pretend that this never happened. Understood?" She said.

"Yes ma'am." Gosu and Panko said in unison.

Kansho and Yakimo overheard the gunshots outside. "I wonder what's going in there." Kansho asked. He decided to go back to the house to take a look, and Yakimo followed suit. He looked outside the kitchen window and saw a battle-worn Gosu and Panko walking towards that direction. Kansho and his brother ducked down. They had to change their plan.

"Okay, we're gonna have to find some way to sneak in." Kansho said.

Yakimo looked around the structure and saw a chimney at the top. Kansho hadn't quite noticed it, though. "Hey, do you still have that ladder?

"Oh yeah, I left in the capsule, why?" Kansho asked. Yakimo ran to their car and pulled a capsule out. He tossed it to the ground, not even knowing if it was the right one. A box came out of the capsule, so Yakimo opened it to see if it was a portable ladder or something. However, he was shocked to find what was in the box – dirty magazines. Yakimo didn't even want to think about what Kansho was doing with those so he quickly pressed the button to put it back in the capsule. He grabbed another one and threw it, and indeed it was the ladder. Yakimo grabbed it and ran back to the house.

Kansho was confused. "What are we gonna do with that?" He asked.

"We're gonna get in through the chimney, dumbass!" Yakimo insulted him.

"Wait, but to get to the Chimney, you have to…climb…the…roof…" Kansho said nervously.

"Oh come on, are you still afraid of heights? You're five years older than me, come on!" Yakimo said, ashamed.

Kansho decided to suck it up and climbed up the ladder, and Yakimo followed. As he got closer and closer to the top, he became more and more nervous. He looked down, and that just made it worse. It was a long way down. He was sweating bullets. Yakimo just shook his head. They continued climbing, eventually making it to the top. As soon as Kansho stood up, he started shaking. He wanted to get down as soon as possible, but he knew that the fall might even be worse.

"Oh come on, grow some balls!" Yakimo taunted. Kansho knew he had to man up if his younger brother was making fun of him. They walked up to the Chimney, and then they both climbed in and made a huge plunge. Kansho realized if they fell in the fire place, their cover would be blown, so thinking quickly, he grabbed what looked to be a platform on the way down, and then Yakimo managed to break his fall by grabbing on to his brother's foot. Kansho realized that this platform was really the opening to the vent, so he crawled in. He and Yakimo crawled around the vent, until they saw an opening. Kansho looked down, and he saw a room. Then, someone came in. Kansho moved back so he couldn't be seen. It was Chitsu who entered the room. She was wearing nothing but a towel. She looked in her mirror and checked her hair, and then she took her towel off, revealing her whole body. Needless to say, Kansho got really nervous now.

"Oh my god!" he whispered. This was the first time he ever saw a naked girl that wasn't in a magazine. It was glorious. Kansho tried his best not make a sound. Yakimo couldn't help but giggle at Kansho's nervous expression. Chitsu put on a gown. At least the worst was over for Kansho. He decided it was best to leave that area before all of the blood left his head and crawled over to the next opening. He looked down and Gosu and Panko were sitting in the table talking.

"So, what are these Dragon ball thingies again?" Panko asked.

"Like I said before, they're 7 magic balls that can grant any two wishes you desire!" Gosu said.

Kansho definitely heard that. He moved closer to hear what they were saying.

"Oh yeah, that's right." Panko said.

"So far, we have the four star ball, the two star ball, and we just took the six star ball from that punk from before." Gosu explained.

Kansho wanted to rip his head off after hearing that. But that wasn't important. "So they can grant any wish…"

"Well no wonder he and those weird guys from before wanted our ball." Yakimo said. "Maybe we oughta get them all, what do you say, Kansho?"

"That's exactly what I was thinking." Kansho said.

"Well, what will you wish for?" Yakimo asked.

"First, I'd wish for 100 million zeni. We'd be made for life!" Saying the next wish was a little bit harder. "A-and then, for my second wish, I'll wish…for...A GIRLFRIEND!"

Yakimo shook his head again. "You're pathetic."

"I mean, I have plenty of girls back at the village, but I really want to settle down, y'know?" Kansho explained, with a goofy smile on his face.


Gosu and Panko were still talking. "Hey, maybe with our second wish we can ask for Chitsu to stop being such a bitch." Panko joked.

Gosu laughed. "Oh yeah, I heard that!"

"And so did I" Chitsu said, standing at the door, with a smirk. Gosu and Panko froze up. But they couldn't help but notice that black gown she was wearing. It was skimpy and tight, really showing off her body. It certainly caught their attention.

"You know, the two of you are lucky to have a girl that looks like me with you." Chitsu bragged.

"Yeah, but I didn't know she'd have such a mouth…" Panko mumbled.

"What was that?" Chitsu asked.

"…nothing." Chitsu walked over to the refrigerator and bent over to get some food. Gosu and Panko instantly got up to get a better view. And then I mention than Kansho was really sweaty in the vent? Some of his sweat was dripping down into the kitchen.

"Okay, you had to have been doing that to get our attention." Gosu said.

Chitsu grabbed a Popsicle and started sucking on it. "And what if I am?" Gosu and Panko had instantly lost awareness of whatever world they were in and were both locked on Chitsu. They were drooling as Chitsu slowly sucked on the Popsicle with a smirk on her face. Now she was licking it. Kansho was losing control of himself, too. Gosu's tail was unusually straight.

Chitsu laughed. "You men turn into a bunch of monkeys when a hot girl is around." She threw the Popsicle in the trash and went into her room. Gosu and Panko regained their consciousness.

"Oh man, I'm so glad I came along with you." Panko said. Gosu was still trying to make sense of what he just witnessed.

"Damn, she knew exactly what she was doing." Gosu said. "…and I loved it!"

"I wish she would do that every night." Panko said.

Okay, now the worst was over for Kansho. Or at least he hoped so. "That was…amazing." He said, wiping the sweat off his forehead. "It almost made me forget about those Dragon balls."

"How do you suppose we steal them?" Yakimo asked.

"We'll wait until they go to sleep. Then we'll jump in and steal them." Kansho explained.

Gosu grabbed a bowl and a box of ice cream. He started scooping up chunks of Ice Cream until it reached the top of the ceiling.

Panko looked up at the Ice Cream tower in amazement. "How the hell are you gonna eat that?" He asked.

"Just watch!" Gosu said. He jumped up to the top and started devouring the ice cream. Gosu ate the ice cream as he gradually descended down to the table. By the time he was back on the floor, the ice cream was completely gone. Panko couldn't believe it.

"You have a crazy appetite, kid." He said.

"Alright, now I'm ready to sleep." Gosu said as he walked over to Chitsu's door. "Hey, can you let us in, Chitsu?"

"Holy crap, we get to sleep in her room?" panko asked.

"Yup. Awesome, isn't it?" Gosu replied.

"You guys are sleeping on the couch tonight!" Chitsu yelled from the other side.

"Oh come on, stop being such a bitch! Let us in!" Gosu complained.

"No, I'm sure you guys are still worked up from before. I don't want you trying anything while I'm sleeping! Now leave me alone." And that was that. Gosu admitted defeat and sat down on the couch.

"Well, I guess we oughta sleep." He said. Chitsu quickly opened the door and tossed two sleeping bags out before closing it back again. Gosu laid out his sleeping bag on the floor while Panko laid his out on the couch. Gosu turned the lights off and went to sleep.

Kansho waited a few minutes until he was sure that everyone was asleep. "Alright, Yakimo, let's go." Kansho unscrewed the vent opening and dropped down to the floor, creating a loud thud. He wasn't sure if the little stunt woke anyone up so he looked around just to make sure they were sleeping. Kansho looked around for any orange balls. Yakimo looked around as well, and then walked towards Gosu. He noticed the necklace he was wearing and walked closer towards him to get a better look at it, and he found it – a Dragon Ball!

"Hey, Kansho, look!" He whispered. Kansho heard him and walked over.

"The dragon ball! Good find, Yakimo!" Kansho said. "But how are we gonna get it off without waking him up?"

"Good question." Yakimo said. But then, Kansho heard something. Then he saw the knob of one of the doors turning. Thinking quickly, Kansho grabbed Yakimo and jumped behind the couch. Chitsu came out of the door and looked around. She could've sworn she heard something. I must've been hearing things, she thought. But while she was at it, she got a glass of water. After drinking it, she put the cup in the sink and went back to her room.

"Man, that was close!" Kansho whispered. "We're gonna have to be more careful."

"How do we know if the Dragon balls aren't in the girl's room?" Yakimo asked.

That would mean having to break into her room unnoticed. He knew the risk he was running by doing that, and if she caught him, she would've certainly screamed and woke Gosu up. And then, who knows what would happen then. Kansho looked over and found his brother sleeping. How did he fall asleep so quickly? Kansho could've sworn he was just talking to him. Now he had to find a way to get Yakimo out of there. He tried to pick him up, but he was too heavy. This wasn't a couple of years ago when Yakimo was still a little kid. He was growing up, so naturally it was harder to carry him around. He tried to pick him up again, but Yakimo fell on top of him, flat on his face, knocking him out. Sleepy time!

When Kansho woke up, it was the morning. Oh crap! What if everyone woke up? He would be screwed. He realized he had to move quickly, so instead of hiding behind the couch, he hid under the table. Yeah, brilliant. Then, Yakimo woke up, so Kansho whispered to him to call him. Yakimo was still tired and wasn't quite aware of what was going on. But then he looked around and realized they were still in those guys' house. He quickly ran towards Kansho and crouched under the table.

"What the hell? You couldn't stay awake and get us out of here?" Yakimo asked.

"It's a long story." Yeah, right. "Let's not worry about it! We've gotta get out of here!" He heard a yawn. Kansho froze and looked up to see who it was – it was Gosu!

Shit! Kansho thought. Gosu walked up to the refrigerator.

"Damn, there's nothing in here. I wonder if there are any animals around here?" Gosu said to himself. He left the house to go looking around for any sign of potential food. Kansho didn't want to risk anything, so he stayed under the table. Then he heard a door creep open. He couldn't be back already, could he? Kansho looked up and saw Chitsu leaving her room. Oh, great, just what he needed. Chitsu walked up to the stove and turned on the kettle to prepare some coffee. After it was finished, she sat down at the table. It was a big table, so it was easy for Kansho and Yakimo to go unnoticed. As soon as Kansho looked up, he hit the jackpot. Chitsu was sitting with her legs spread, so he could see her panties. Now, he was sweating and stammering. Chitsu heard something, and wondered what it was. She looked under the table, and as soon as she saw Kansho, she screamed at the top of her lungs.

Gosu was outside stalking a Lion, when he heard Chitsu's scream. "What's going on?" Gosu asked as he ran to the house.

"WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE?" Chitsu yelled. All of the commotion woke Panko up.

"No, look, it's not what you thi-" Kansho stopped as Gosu opened the door. Kansho's stomach dropped. The situation just went from bad to worse.

"What the hell are you doing in here? Tell me!" Gosu demanded.

"Look, I'm not here to bring any harm." Kansho said.

"Oh really? So then why are you in here?" Gosu asked.

The jig was up. "Okay, I actually came here for the Dragon balls." Kansho said.

"Oh really? Are you still bitter over me taking yours?" Gosu joked.

"That ball was mine, not yours, and I'll fight you for it!" Kansho said.

"You want to cross that road again? Fine, then, we'll take this outside." Gosu said.

"My brother can beat you up any day of the week!" Yakimo declared.

"Oh, shut up." Gosu dismissed. He left the house and Kansho followed.

"Man, that guy doesn't quit." Panko said, speaking about Kansho.

Gosu got into a fighting stance and Kansho followed suit. He immediately went all-out.

"HAWK'S CLAW!" Kansho charged at him and tried to strike him in the stomach, but Gosu was keen to the attack now and jumped up to dodge it, and then kicked him in the face, sending him into the car. Then, Gosu grabbed both of Kansho's arms and placed his foot on the back of his head. He appeared to be positioning himself to curb stomp him.

"Say you give up! Or I'll curve stomp your head into the fuckin' ground!" Gosu threatened.

Kansho knew he'd be in for a world of pain if that happened. "Okay, okay, I quit!" He said frantically. And indeed, Gosu let go of his grip.

"Now, leave us alone." Gosu said.

Kansho was stuck between a rock and a hard place now. Gosu was too strong for him. Kansho decided the best way to steal the Dragon balls was through deception.

"Wow, you're pretty strong, kid." Kansho said. "Look, I'm sorry for all of the crap I've given you for the past 24 hours. You really are too much for me."

"Apology accepted." Gosu said.

"But man, hunting for those Dragon Balls sounds fun. I want to join you guys!" Kansho said.

"Well, your brother kinda flattened one of our tires." Gosu said.

"Oh, don't worry about that. You guys can use my car!" Kansho said.

Gosu thought about it. "It's a deal!" He extended his hand out to Kansho. Kansho smiled and shook his hand. Gosu walked back to the house. Yakimo was confused.

"Kansho, what are you doing?" He asked.

"We're gonna help them find all of the Dragon Balls and then steal them!" Kansho said.

"Oh, of course. Brlliant, big bro!" Yakimo said.

Gosu walked up to Chitsu. "Hey, we can resume our search now. That guy's gonna help us and give us his car!"

"Oh really? What a relief." Chitsu said. Gosu looked in his pocket and remembered he still had Kansho's keys.

"HEY!" Gosu yelled. Kansho looked at Gosu and Gosu threw his keys to him. Kansho caught them and yelled thanks.

"Well, let me get dressed." Chitsu said. "Then we'll leave."

A few minutes later, Chitsu came out dressed. "Okay guys, let's go!" Panko put on his collar, and him and Gosu followed her out.

"Hey, Panko, can you get the Dragon radar out of your car?" Chitsu asked.

"Why don't you go get it yourself?" Panko replied.

Chitsu was frustrated, but she knew exactly how to get her way. She bent down and started petting Panko. "Come on, who's a good boy?" She said in a playful voice. She continued petting him. Panko tried to resist, but after all, he was still a dog, right.

"No, no!" Panko said as Chitsu continued petting him "Dammit, stop!" Chitsu threw a Frisbee out towards the car. Panko tried to pretend that he had no desire to run and get it, but he was only fooling himself.

"You bitch." Panko said dryly. He ran out and grabbed the Frisbee with his mouth, and then got the Dragon radar from the car. He walked back and Chitsu tossed him a doggy bone. Panko gladly grabbed it.

"That was completely degrading." Panko said. "Just because I'm different from you doesn't mean I'm still not a person, dammit!"

"See what happens when you're a good boy?" Chitsu said. Panko hated being treated like a regular dog, but he had to admit, it was pretty sweet coming from her of all people. Chitsu pressed a button to revert the house back to capsule form. The gang walked up to Kansho's car and hopped in the back. Kansho sat in the driver's seat and Yakimo sat in the passenger's seat.

"Alright, you lead the way." Kansho said.

"The closest Dragon ball is headed east." Chitsu said, looking at the radar. Kansho turned, and they drove off.

"By the way, I never asked. Why did you guys rob the village?" Kansho asked.

"We didn't mean to." Gosu said. "But we ran out of gas and that was the easiest way to get money."

"Ah, okay." I understand. "Oh, and what are your names, anyway?"

"I'm Chitsu!"

"I'm Panko."

"And I'm Son Gosu!"

"Son? Where have I heard that family name before?" Kansho thought about it. "Oh wait, one your ancestors was a legend of martial arts, right? Well then no wonder you're so strong!"

"I guess so." Gosu said nonchalantly. "I keep hearing about him, but I have no idea about most of my family, though." The group continued driving until they were at almost the exact location of the Dragon ball. Chitsu directed Kansho to stop. They all stepped out of the car and saw a half-complete castle.

"The Dragon ball should be somewhere around here." Chitsu said. They all started looking around, and Gosu couldn't help but notice something strange. He heard the bushes shaking, and then looked even further and saw a little boy walking towards the car. Then, the boy jumped inside the car and drove off!

"HEY!" Gosu yelled. Everyone turned their attention to what Gosu was yelling at. They saw the car driving off.

"My car!" Kansho yelled out.

"Don't worry, I'll get it!" Gosu yelled. He sprinted off, catching up to the car in no time. Gosu ran to the side of it, and the kid moved to the side to knock Gosu down. Gosu was frustrated, and he ran even faster, now. He once again caught up to the car and moved to the side, and then ran in front of it. The Kid swerved to the left and Gosu continued chasing after it, once again making into the front, except this time he jumped on top of the hood. Except this time, he jumped on top of the hood. The kid came to a sudden stop and then ran out the car. Gosu jumped off and hopped on his back, pinning him down to the floor. The kid quickly slid out of Gosu grip, and Gosu quickly made it his feet. Then, the kid spat some odd substance at Gosu's face, burning it. Gosu yelled out in pain and grabbed his face as the kid ran off to the castle. Kansho and the gang ran up to Gosu to check on him.

"Who the hell was that kid?" Chitsu asked.

Gosu was pissed. His face started feeling better. He had a cold look on his face. "I'm gonna kill that little son of a bitch!" He ran to the castle, to hopefully find the kid. He tried walking around the castle.

"Where are you? Come out so I can kick your fuckin' ass!" Gosu threatened.

"What is going on here?" Said, a deep, thunderous voice. Gosu froze. Then a HUGE man came out from the forest with the kid leading his way. The man was literally the size of a house. Gosu's stomach dropped. Kansho and the others saw the guy and were all equally scared.

"Hey, you don't think that big guy is the little kid's dad, do you?" Panko asked.

"I-I hope not!" Chitsu said, trying to catch her breath.

"What do you want with my son?" The beast said.

Gosu overcame his fear and spoke up. "L-look, I don't want to start anything with you. But this kid tried to steal our car and spat some weird shit, er, stuff at my face!"

"Is this true, Koji?" The man asked.

"I-I'm sorry dad." The kid said. "I thought he was trying to attack us."

"What are you here for, kid?" The huge man asked.

"Um, we're here to find this thing called a Dragon Ball, sir." Gosu explained.

"Dragon ball? We were hoping to find all of those for ourselves." He replied.

"Really? Why? Gosu asked.

"You see, I'm King Elefonto. My original castle is very old, so the members of my kingdom have been working to build a new castle. However, the substance we use to attach the bricks together ran out, and the only way to get it is from releasing it from the Hakuzaisetcha plant. But we can't get it out of there, so we were hoping to get the Dragon balls to wish for the substance to be released." The King explained.

"I see." Gosu said. "Well, is there any other way to get it out of this plant?"

"Well, there's actually someone who knows the spell to get rid of it. But I know she won't do it." King Elefonto said.

"Why not?" Gosu asked.

"She's my ex-wife." The King said nervously. Gosu fainted.

"Oh man, girl trouble. Is she still bitter?" Gosu asked.

"Yeah, of course. I kinda had an affair with another woman, so she left me and never wants to see me again."

"Hmm…I'm sure I can convince her to do it for you!" Gosu offered.

"Oh no, trust me, nothing will convince that woman to do anything to help me." King Elefonto said.

"Oh come on, it's worth a try! Just tell me where she lives." Gosu said.

"You're wasting your time, but whatever. She actually doesn't live very far. It's only a 10 or 15 minute walk." He explained.

"Really? In what direction?"

"To the west. It's a relatively big castle." He said.

"Oh, alright, I'll head over there." Gosu said.

"Good luck, kid. You'll need it." Gosu ran off.

"I wonder where he's going." Kansho asked.

"Hey, are you guys with him?" King Elefonto asked. The group froze. What did he want with them?

"Um…yes?" Chitsu replied.

"Oh, okay, good! Come on in, I won't bite!" the King said. "And I'm sorry for what my kid did earlier."

"So you're working on a castle, eh?" Panko asked. "Got any good food?"

"Panko, don't impose!" Chitsu complained.

"Oh, of course! I have the best gourmet chefs in the area! Let me show you to the restaurant!" King Elefonto said. He was really harmless.

Meanwhile, Gosu continued running until he found a palace. He looked at it, and figured this must be it. It had "Princess Mebana" written on it. Gosu opened the door and found a room.

"WHO'S THERE?" A loud, shrill voice yelled out. Suddenly, the lights turned on, revealing a huge woman. She was almost the size of King Elefonto. "What do you want, kid."

She was almost as intimidating, too. "Um, ma'am, I'd like to make a request." Gosu said, politely. "You see, King Elefonto-"

The lady quickly interrupted him. "If it has to do with him, then I don't want to hear it! Go away!"

"Please listen! I need you to release this substance from a flower an-"

"GO!" She yelled, damn near blowing him away.

"Dammit, come on, let go of the past and help us!" Gosu demanded.

"ENOUGH!" She screamed out. Gosu felt himself being pulled towards her, and then all of a sudden, he was sucked up into the women's mouth! He plunged down her throat and eventually made it to her stomach. He avoided touching her digestive fluids, or else he would be a goner. He was inside her body!

"This is disgusting! Hey, let me out!" Gosu yelled out.

"My, my, this kid is persistent." Mebana said.

Gosu decided if she wouldn't let him out, he would have to force her. Gosu punched the inside of her stomach as hard as he can. Mebana felt a pain in her stomach.

"LET ME OUT OR YOU'LL REGRET IT!" Gosu yelled out. He grabbed what appeared to be an organ and twisted it around several times. Princess Mebana was in extreme pain.

"Stop it!" She demanded.

"Not unless you let me out and help the King!" Gosu said, as he started twisting even harder.

"Okay, okay! Just let go, you little bastard!" She yelled. Gosu let go of the organ. Then, the Princess gathered her energy, and spat Gosu out. Gosu was covered in fluids, so Mebana blew them off.

"Thanks, now let's go." Gosu said. Mebana grabbed him and flew out of the castle.

Back at King Elefonto's castle, he had a huge dinner set up for Kansho and the gang. Then, he heard a huge thud. Princess Mebana arrived. He couldn't believe it.

"Well, I'll be…that kid actually did it." King Elefonto said. He walked up to her.

"Oh, it's you." She said, rolling her eyes. "I supposed you've been out screwing more girls?" She said as she let Gosu down.

"Look, I'm sorry-"

"I don't care; just give me that stupid flower." Princess Mebana said impatiently. King Elefonto left and brought the huge plant to her. Princess Mebana extended her hands out, and recited an odd spell. After she finished…nothing happened.

"Is it out?" Elefonto asked.

"Don't be such a moron - you have to squeeze it out. I just untapped it." Mebana said.

"Great!" Gosu said. "See, I told you could get it out! And, hey, girl, I think King Elefonto is genuinely sorry about what he did. You two should work your problems out!"

Mebana just shrugged and looked at Elefonto, who was laughing goofily. "Here, kid, you can have that Dragon Ball." He pulled it out of his pocket. It was pretty much an ant in his hand. Gosu took it.


"But wait, don't leave without eating first!" Elefonto said.

Gosu's face lit up. "Really? Awesome!" Gosu followed Elefonto to the restaurant. He saw the dinner laid out on the table and ate a ton of food, almost ignoring his friends.

"Wow, you have a bigger appetite than me!" Elefonto said. Everyone laughed.

A few minutes later, Gosu and the others left the restaurant and prepared to leave.

"Thank you very much for helping us getting the substance out! I'm forever indebted to you!" Elefonto said.

"Oh no, thank you!" Gosu said. "Bye!" They all went in the car and drove off. They now had the five-star ball.

Now they had three Dragon Balls left. Little did they know, the other three balls had been retrieved by their unknowing rival in this quest – Lord Teba! What will happen when Gosu and the gang run into Lord Teba? Don't miss the next chapter of Dragon Ball NG!

Previous Episode - Dragon Ball NG Chapter 7: Gosu & Panko's Excellent Adventure

Next Episode - Chapter 9: Circuses and Video Games

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